Ellen Castro

Ellen Castro, Chief Energizing Officer, brings her contagious energy and spirit of excellence to her life’s purpose of inspiring millions to become conscious of and accountable for their choices. Stronger choices create stronger results for a stronger bottom-line.

Winner of AI’s Global Best Female Executive Coach 2019 , Ellen joyfully inspires, energizes and empowers leaders, managers and professionals to attain their personal best. By sharing her earned wisdom with caring candor, she brings light to your beliefs and behaviors blocking your advancement. You can’t change what you are not aware of. As a trusted sounding board, mentor and advocate, Ellen facilitates you creating relationships of trust, attaining stellar reputation and optimizing your career opportunities – all while you enjoy more success and a more enriching life. 

Ellen continues to be a successful entrepreneur and business owner for over 30 years. Ellen’s zeal for her clients’ success keeps her relevant and up-to-date in today’s 24/7, competitive world. 100% of Ellen’s business is through referral and repeat clients with her proven framework for success. 

Global Business and Leadership Consultant, Ellen travels worldwide for clients in nearly 2 dozen industries – from high tech to entertainment to education, to government and non-profits. With Ellen’s laser-beam focus she makes a tangible lasting impact on your long-term success. Always constructive, pragmatic and solution-focused, her Fortune 500 clients include Ericsson, Boeing, Frito-Lay, Deloitte Consulting, Procter & Gamble, Texas Instruments, Adobe, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, McAfee, Univision and Fidelity Investments. Regardless of size or industry, Ellen is a catalyst for stronger leadership, higher employee engagement, improved teamwork and needed innovation by providing real solutions and immediate results. 

Powerhouse Speaker, Ellen’s energizing, practical, life-changing, engaging and entertaining keynotes and programs have inspired thousands to live authentically. From salespeople to healthcare professionals to engineers to executives to accountants to association members to students, everyone leaves refreshed and renewed.  Equipped with Ellen’s immediately applicable insights, tools and skills, participants feel excited and ready to live vibrantly and boldly from the inside out. Her audiences include Verizon, Meeting Planners International, Women in Executive Leadership, KPMG, Association of Realtors, Hispanic Women’s Network of Texas, University of North Texas School of Business, American Heart Association as well as Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business. 

Best-Selling, Award-Winning Author, Ellen’s books unleash your potential, stir up your dreams and increase your self-awareness to take action to live your best life. Her third book, Happy in Spite of People, a parable on the power of embracing the differences in people, has received rave reviews and the 2016 International Latino Book Award in the category of Best Self-Help Book. Her third edition of Spirited Leadership: 52 Ways to Build Trust – a classic in the field – received the International Latino Best Self-Help Book Award. Now in its fourth edition, it equips you to harness your personal power by becoming conscious of your choices, actions and impact on others thus gaining resiliency, leadership muscle and inside out confidence. 

Ellen earned an MEd from Harvard and a BBA and MBA from Southern Methodist University. She served on the faculty of SMU’s Edwin L. Cox Business Leadership Center for more than fifteen years, and had the honor of teaching the inaugural Latinas and Leadership class at the University of North Texas. 

Ellen touches the heart of millions via keynotes, radio and TV appearances as well as print media. 

Ellen’s personal corporate experience includes leading a $90M profit center of 500 employees for Exxon.  She was the highest-ranking female in Marketing, earning 5 promotions in 11 years before she decided to re-invent herself in graduate school after shattering her head on the glass ceiling.  After Harvard, Ellen directed the merger/acquisition process for a national healthcare alliance that grew from 1,000 to 5,000 employees. 

Even with Ellen’s busy schedule, she remains active in the local community and is humbled to be a member of the Hispanic 100. 

Ellen’s the “real deal.” Her combination of warmth, spirit, experiences, insights, pragmatic solutions and heartfelt service makes her your competitive advantage to achieving your desired outcomes and sensational success. You are Ellen’s passion! 

“I’m all in!” Invest in you.  Connect today to thrive regardless of our volatile and uncertain business landscape.


Mick Todd

Mick Todd is the leader and founder of 2b Limitless. For the past 15 years he has tirelessly made it his mission to help individuals to succeed, to improve their quality of life and help define and achieve their goals.

Mick has worked with a vast array of amazing individuals and high profile regional and global organisations to help them employ proven tools and techniques to unlock their potential and empower them to define their true purpose.

The rituals of sustainable success are his focus. With his support, encouragement and guidance, his clients have expanded their self-awareness and leveraged their innate gifts and talents quickly, effectively and sustainably.

Mick works extensively in the Middle East, Europe and Asia giving individuals, leaders and organisations the tools they need to achieve clarity, direction and success.


  • Gallup Strengthfinders® Practitioner
  • Gallup High Performance Management
  • Gallup Strength Based Leadership Practitioner
  • Changewise Leadership Agility Licensed Practitioner
  • SEI – Emotional Intelligence Professional
  • SEI – Organisational Practitioner
  • SEI – Emotional Intelligence Assessor
  • Professional Coaching Certification (Mindbridge NLP Institute, North Carolina)
  • Bachelor of Psychology [1st Hons] (Central Queensland Uni. Australia)
  • Bachelor of Org Behaviour [1st Hons] (Central Queensland Uni. Australia)
  • ICF – International Coach Federation
  • Bates Executive Presence Practitioner BATES ExPP™



  • International Business Awards 2018 – Professional Coaching & Training Provider of the Year – 2018
  • Global 100 2018 Winner – Best Multi-Award Winning Professional Coaching & Training Organisation of the Year – UAE
  • ACQ5 Global Awards 2017 – UAE Strategic Business Development of the Year
  • AI 2017 Global Excellence Awards – Most Trusted for Coaching, Training & Leadership Development – Middle East


  • Corporate Excellence Awards 2018 – Most Influential Executive Coach of the Year 2018
  • International Advisory Experts Award – 2017 Executive Coach the Year – UAE
  • AI 2016 Executive Coach of the Year

About Us:

2bLimitless is a global coaching and training company with offices in Dubai, Phuket and Brisbane. Led by Mick Todd (Acquisition International UAE Executive Coach of the Year 2016) our team consists of exceptional coaches and trainers with both regional and global experience.

Geraldine Gallacher

Geraldine Gallacher is MD of the Executive Coaching Consultancy which she started in 1994, as one of the first executive coaching providers, and now has 35 coaches internationally serving a wide range of industries.  Geraldine possesses an unrivaled depth and breadth of experience as a coach and has worked with top teams and individuals across a wide range of industries. She is fast paced and has a talent for galvanising people into action. Geraldine is frequently described by her clients as challenging, pragmatic, and insightful. Recent training in neuroscience enhances her performance-focused coaching.


Geraldine started her career in the Ford Motor Company in Sales & Marketing. This international experience served as a good grounding for her next move into management consultancy where she spent 2 years consulting for large organisations on the subject of Performance Improvement. She returned to the client side as Management Development Controller for the Burton Group and went on to become Head of Group Management Development with responsibility for the development of the top 300 senior executives. Identifying very early on that there was a significant market demand for one to one coaching (long before it became mainstream in the UK), she launched the Executive Coaching Consultancy in 1994. The consultancy has grown significantly over this time and now has 35 coaches internationally.

Coaching Style:

Geraldine’s expertise is born of 21 years’ working with an exceptionally wide range of businesses and industries from fashion retail to Investment Banking. Geraldine sees her role and purpose as providing a catalyst for enhanced business performance. Geraldine is frequently described by her clients as challenging, pragmatic and insightful. Recent training in neuroscience enhances her performance-focused coaching.

She has a particular talent for helping people to consider their influencing style and how they might gain more leverage with stakeholders through slight modifications. She is skillful in harnessing people’s strengths and focusing them on the most productive areas. She is a great believer in the 80/20 rule which seeks to identify those tasks that will have the largest impact.

Special Interests:

Since setting up The Executive Coaching Consultancy she has become known for her advocacy of board diversity and helps organisations to increase their gender intelligence by introducing them to a range of coaching interventions designed to bolster the female pipeline in particular. She enjoys engaging men in the debate and presents on gender differences in career paths and the need for a balanced board to those predominantly male boards seeking to address this business challenge.  She is well attuned to the challenges faced by managers who have to balance their employees’ needs for flexibility with their company’s need for client responsiveness.

Geraldine has coached many women through the different stages of their careers helping them to successfully navigate the vulnerable maternity years, start to on-ramp again in their mid-career and find their authentic leadership style. She works well with senior women at Board and Partner level inspiring them to “sit at the table” as advocated by Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg.

Training & Qualifications:

Geraldine has a BA in Business Studies and Spanish and an MBA from the University of Edinburgh. She is an experienced Non-Executive Director having served 2 terms on a major construction plc board chairing their Remuneration and Sustainability Committees and sitting on their Audit and Nominations committees. Geraldine is a Master Coach with the Association for Coaching with more than 10,000 coaching hours.

Geraldine speaks regularly on the subject of “More women at the top”, “The Future of Gender Equality” and is a great believer in the benefit of diverse teams. Geraldine frequently writes about the latest in gender diversity issues in well commended blogs and publications such as The Huffington Post, ICAEW, (The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales) and the The Future of Work Hub, and is a regular speaker at Women’s networking events.

She is a member of the Development Committee of the City Women’s Network and on the Women’s Development Board for Microloan, a charity which offers small business loans to women in Malawi and Zambia.

Current Clients:

Deutsche Bank, News UK, Telereal Trillium, Viacom, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Bartle Bogle Hegarty, Derwent, Reckitt Benckiser, Allen and Overy and Simmons & Simmons.


“Geraldine has an uncanny ability to get to the nub of an issue quickly and describe it in accessible and non-threatening terms.  Her broad grasp of the issues facing both senior people (and senior women in particular) and organisations makes her a great sounding board.” ~ Head of Diversity, Ashurst

Maren Perry MA PCC

When Maren walks into the room, you know it. She is a natural and dynamic leader one is drawn to for her energy, charisma and her diverse knowledge and background.

Her experience in coaching top performers has brought her clients in diverse areas: from Fortune 500 companies, to U.S. Government, to leaders in the Arts. Maren’s clients are consistently recognized for improved relationships and moving large projects forward swiftly and effectively. Her focus is on developing her clients’ interpersonal and communication skills so that they can lead their teams with a higher degree of engagement and effectiveness.

Prior to coaching as owner of a management consultant company, Maren worked with clients such as the Annenberg Foundation, White House Project, AIG and Blackstone Group. Standout projects include the management of the International Women Leaders Global Security Conference and Initial Public Offerings for Blackstone Group and Genworth Financial.

In her twenties, Maren coached an innovative dance team to win the National Championship within six months of inception, then toured internationally training thousands in advanced technique. She is a champion herself who understands that mastery in one’s field takes commitment, structure, training, passion and support. It is this passion and drive that she fosters in her coaching clients.

As an Executive Coach, she combines her commitment to excellence, ability to read situations and people, project management skills and inspirational style in order to propel her clients far beyond what they believe to be possible.

Arden Coaching:

Arden Coaching is a team of 17 experienced coaches who share a powerful and effective method for cultivating positive change within their clients. Each of our coaches sets out to strengthen leadership within each organization they partner with so that both the individual and the company prosper.

Founded in 2007

President Maren Perry founded Arden Coaching in 2007. As true leaders tend to do, Maren’s unique practices and successes with her clients at Arden attracted peers and followers, other great coaches who shared her coaching style and vision. As these talented individuals joined Maren’s practice, a natural evolution took place.

The Arden Coaching team is made up of top coaching talent who challenge, encourage, and inspire your company’s top executives. We have been improving the leadership skills of company leaders big and small, local and global for the past nine years. In 2013, Arden Coaching was recognized as a Certified Women’s Owned Business.

What’s in a Name?

Many of our clients are curious as to why we chose the name Arden Coaching. We’ve found that the answer is one that defines us as a team of dedicated coaches quite well.

Arden refers to the Forest of Arden from Shakespeare’s As You Like It. The image of a tunneling forest echoes the job of a coach: to reflect with greater perspective than our clients can see for themselves, acting as the forest for the trees. A forest is also a place through which one chooses their own path, coming upon obstacles (rocks, rivers, trees, animals) and forging a way through.

The Arden Approach:

As coaches, we’re partners with our clients throughout this process, always keeping the destination in mind and assisting them in navigating the path along the way. Trees are both strong and delicate, echoing the elements we combine in our coaching: power and joy, passion and practicality, purpose and actions.

This symbiotic relationship between the group and the individual, the forest and the trees, captures Arden’s core belief behind our practice: to grow the individual so both they and the company benefit.

Engaging with Arden:

At Arden Coaching, we treat each interaction with our clients as an opportunity. We want you to walk away better than you came to us, whether you’re a company, client, vendor, or prospective new client. For you, that may be the transformation of your business or a new tool or way of seeing the world, or maybe it’s just a pleasant phone conversation when you have a question. At the end of the day, we want to make a difference for our clients.

Learn what an executive coaching partnership could do for the good of your executives and the good of your organization by reaching out to us for a consultation today.