Dante Quaglione

Dante Quaglione is an economic consultant and strategist with 20 years of experience, primarily as a senior expert with leading economic and strategy global consulting companies.

Dr. Quaglione has directed complex projects on regulatory economics (both regulatory design and implementation), competition economics (abuse of dominant position), strategy (business, competitive, regulatory, and auction strategies), finance, and company valuation. He has advised clients in a variety of network industries (e.g., telecommunications, electricity, gas, airports, and motorways) as well as in the banking, credit card, insurance, and IT sectors.

He specializes in the economics and business of the telecommunications and high-tech industries. His clients leverage his expertise on telecommunications market and its players (fixed and mobile operators, as well as chipset and equipment manufacturers).

Examples Of Projects (By Industry) Include:

Telecommunications: transition from legacy and NGAN fixed and mobile access, regulatory design for geographical (subnational) markets, pricing of termination services, spectrum allocation, use and refarming, infrastructure sharing, access network separation, economics of innovative telecommunications services (e.g., fixed mobile convergence, mobile TV, and nomadic services), testing the replicability of traditional and innovatively packaged services (bundle and tying)

Transport: regulatory design and implementation for airports (e.g., single versus dual till-competition analyses to identify regulated versus competitive services, cost-based versus incentive-based regulation, incentives design to cost efficiency), providers of meteorological services (cost-based regulated charges, regulatory review, and implementation of the Single European Sky–Eurocontrol provisions), motorways (regulatory review, price cap design, and implementation)

Energy: tariff design (electricity transmission and distribution, gas transport and distribution), cost-based regulatory financial modeling under price cap and revenue cap regulation (for gas and electricity markets), market simulation equilibrium, market pricing for energy commodities (incentive mechanisms for renewables, market scenarios for energy markets, capacity payment mechanisms, merit order dispatching)

Dr. Quaglione’s expertise extends also to public policy (effectiveness of public subsidies, local development and firms’ internationalization), macroeconomic analysis (analysis of macroeconomic fundamentals, innovation, and creative destruction), technology adoption, and labor markets.

More recently, his practice and research interests have focused on the intersection between innovation, business strategy, and analysis. In particular, Dr. Quaglione has developed a quantitative strategy practice involving the creation, calibration, and run of quantitative models in support of fully informed business decisions and assessment of their impact on companies’ damages and value creation. Such models have been used to assess the impact on value creation prompted by different national regulatory authorities’ provisions, regulatory strategies, extraordinary events, market developments, business scenarios, and companies’ technology choices.

Dr. Quaglione has advised clients in Italy, South Africa, the United States, Greece, Egypt, Pakistan, Algeria, and Saudi Arabia. In view of his broad experience across regulated and unregulated sectors, he also has been engaged by investment banks in companies’ valuation projects. He also often lectures on business and economics topics in academic and non-academic programs.


New York University
Ph.D., Economics
M.A., Economics

University of Rome
M.S., Economics and Mathematics

Libera Università Internazionale degli Studi Sociali
Laurea (magna cum laude), Business Economics