Lu-Fa Tsai

Lu-Fa Tsai is our exclusively recommended Design Law expert in Taiwan on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Lu-Fa directly using the contact details listed above.

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Lu-Fa is an Attorney-at-Law who graduated from the law department of the best law school in Taiwan, National Taiwan University (NTU). Upon obtaining his LLB degree, Lu-Fa attended the Graduate Institute of Interdisciplinary Legal Studies at the College of Law at NTU, from which, following three years of study, Lu-Fa received his LLM degree. Lu-Fa passed the Bar examination one year before he graduated from the College of Law, and also has an LLM in international economic law from the Faculty of Law of the University of Göttingen in Germany. Lu-Fa joined Deep & Far Attorneys-at-Law on his return from Germany, and he is currently a partner at the law firm.

Firm Overview:

Deep & Far Attorneys-at-Law was founded in 1992 and is one of the largest law firms in this country.  The firm is presently focussed on the practice in separate or in combination of all aspects of intellectual property rights (IPRs) including patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, unfair competition, and/or licensing, counselling, litigation and/or transaction thereof.  Since this firm edges itself into the IPRs field, the firm quickly comes to fame.  As an illustration, this firm often is one of the largest sources from which foreign filing orders originate.

The fascinating rise of this firm begins from the founder of Deep & Far Attorneys-at-Law, C. F. Tsai, who is the one first patent practitioner in this country who both has technological and law backgrounds and is qualified as a local Attorney-at-Law.  The patent attorneys and patent engineers in this firm normally hold outstanding and advanced degrees and are generally graduated from the top five universities in this country and/or the university in the US.  Our prominent staffs are dedicated to provide the best quality service in IPRs. As a proof, about one half of top 100 incorporations in this country have experiences of seeking patented their techniques, but more than one fifth of the top 100 incorporations are/were clients of this firm.  Furthermore, Hi-Tech companies in the science-based industrial park located at Hsin Chu play an important role in booming the economy of this country.  About one half of which have experiences in seeking patented their techniques, and out of more than 60% of the patent-experienced companies in that park have ever entrusted their IPR works to this firm.

We have experienced in seeking IPR-protections for our clients in more than 100 territories all over the world.  We have thousands of IPR-cases respectively prosecuted before official Patent Offices of major industrialised countries.  This firm not only is the most competent in IPR-related matters in this country but also is very familiar with IPR-practices in major industrialised countries.  As a matter of fact, this firm oftentimes tries and makes precedents of new claim-drafting styles.  While we might have become wonderfully famed locally with remarkable appreciation and respects, we would like to extend our services for internationalised or quality service-requiring foreign conglomerated giants, corporations or individuals.  We strongly believe that we will win more applause from clients all over the world.

Deep & Far Attorneys-at-Law is also recommended by The Legal 500 and Chambers and Partners.