Isaac Eilat, Adv.

Isaac Eilat is our exclusively recommended Debt Recovery Law expert in Israel on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Isaac directly using the contact details listed above.

Isaac also practices the Enforcement of Foreign Judgments.

Firm Overview:

Founded in 1985 to provide a solution to the unique demands of collection, Isaac Eilat Law Firm has acquired a reputation over the years as a top legal debt collection office, handling tens of thousands of cases every year both in Israel and overseas allowing clients to benefit from effective and speedy collection of their debts.

The unique debt collection procedures, skilled work teams, reliable subcontractors and constant investment in state-of-the-art technologies allows the office to offer its clients proven excellence and effectiveness.

We at Isaac Eilat Law Offices are aware of the heavy responsibility involved in handling our clients’ money and in protecting their goodwill. Although this legal field naturally demands a degree of assertiveness in order to enforce the client’s rights, we firmly believe that assertiveness must be balanced with fairness towards the debtors. Our approach is based not only on our firm belief in maintaining a person’s dignity but also in the essentiality of protecting our client’s public image. Today’s debtors may be our client’s customers of tomorrow.

Our activities are not limited to Israel. Through an extensive network of law offices and collection agencies overseas cultivated over many years, we are able to offer our clients effective international debt collections services and cross border litigation to debt collection in over 150 countries. Our Israeli office also represents some of the largest debt collection agencies in the world.

The tremendous confidence we have in our expertise and extensive experience allows us to offer services based on success. In other words, our retainer is contingent on the collection of the actual debt for the client.

This translates into a real partnership between our office and its clients. Collection success and improved cash flow for our clients are our targets as well. Your success is our success.

This partnership has been in place and becoming increasingly successful for over a third of a century. You are invited to share in this success.

Luiza Iuliana Buduşan

Luiza Iuliana Buduşan is an attorney and member of the Cluj Law Bar from 1997. In 2006, 2010 and 2014 her colleagues from the Bar offered her a vote of confidence and elected her to be one of the 13 counsellors of the Cluj Bar.

Her 19 years of experience in the legal field are an asset of this law firm (member of the European Network), Luiza Buduşan being also involved in managing the business and coordinating the team of lawyers. Qualities such as intuitive understanding and orientation toward efficiency have helped her built up a remarkable reputation.

She successfully offers legal assistance to famous clients – companies from various fields of activity – both in court and during negotiations of major contracts.

Her areas of expertise are legal advice in commercial law, debt recovery and insolvency, disputes related to these matters, transaction closing, as well as the protection of all her clients’ interests in contentious-administrative matters.

“I love this profession and everything about it, even if sometimes we had to take the bad with the good. I am glad to know that we have grown all these years, that we have succeeded in everything and that we have managed to form a strong team, eager to accomplish great things and always ready to move forward.”


Budușan & Associates offers legal services such as legal advice and assistance / representation during all judicial and extrajudicial procedures.

The law firm was founded by Luiza Budușan – founder & coordinator – and at present it has 21 lawyers who cover different but related areas of practice.

Therefore, the law firm’s practices cover the entire Romanian legal system, each attorney having extensive experience in one or more areas of practice. All attorneys of the law firm are always prepared to provide to any virtual client services of the highest quality, ensuring them that their interests are well protected.

Budușan & Associates is the only law firm in Romania that is a member of TEN – The European Network. This network includes law firms from 12 European countries such as Spain, France, Germany and Sweden.