Lyn Boxall

Lyn Boxall is our exclusively recommended Data Privacy and Data Protection Law expert in Singapore on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Lyn directly using the contact details listed above.

Lyn Boxall LLC is a Singapore law firm, established in March 2015 to provide specialised advice on Singapore law, embedding our advice firmly in a practical, operational approach. Lyn Boxall has extensive international legal experience, both in private practice and inhouse with ‘brand name’ multinational corporations.

We specialise in the online world and on governance, risk and compliance. Our online world includes privacy, date protection and information/cyber-security, as well as electronic payment systems. We branch out from them into e-commerce and marketing, helping our clients to communicate effectively as well as within any legal restrictions.

We offer general business and corporate law advice too, particularly helping businesses new to Singapore with the differences between ‘how things are done’ legally and culturally in Singapore versus how they are done at home.

Last, but not least, we are active in governance, risk management and compliance, both in focusing on advising individuals at the Board and C-Suite level and in thought leadership.

We see the law as an activator and enabler of business. We enjoy working closely with our clients and helping their businesses succeed, whether ‘their business’ is a sector of a multinational corporation or an entrepreneurial start up with exciting ambitions or an established local business realising the opportunities of the digital age.

We don’t like to advise our clients on what cannot be done, but to find ways to help them move forward and to work on what can be done to help their business succeed in an efficient and ethical manner.