Liliane Mubanga

Liliane Mubanga is our exclusively recommended Commercial Law expert in the Democratic Republic of the Congo on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Liliane directly using the contact details listed above.

Liliane’s work history is as follow:

  • Senior Executive of Thambwe-Mwamba & Associés;
  • Member of the International Criminal Bar;
  • Member of the Bar Council of Kinshasa/Gombe from 2011 to 2015;
  • Lawyer at the Bar of Kinshasa/Gombe (1999 to present).

Liliane is mining and quarrying agent; she has a Masters in International Commercial Law from Robert Kennedy College/University of Salford Manchester.

Liliane Mubanga has also had a training in: OHADA; Hydrocarbons; Public Procurement; and insurance, among others.

Doing Business in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (

What is Commercial law?

Commercial law involves legal problems that can occur in the running of businesses and commercial transactions. Its predominant concerns are contract and tort law. Clients that come to commercial law firms include large businesses, governments, banks, insurance companies and more. Legal advice can be given to any part of the running of business, from offset (start a business) all the way to dissolving a company.

It is the area of law that is always thriving since it has a strong association with the economy, thus affecting society as a whole. Therefore, commercial law is incredibly important as it affects how businesses are run and how they in turn work to help and grow society. Furthermore, it provides the rules for businesses and organisation so as to ensure legal conduct avoiding fraudulent activity.

If you would like to contact Thambwe-Mwamba & Associés directly, please email them via the following address [email protected].

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Philip Lopatka

Philip Lopatka is our exclusively recommended Commercial Law expert in Canada on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Philip directly using the contact details listed above.

Philip has been a practising Lawyer since 2005, providing expertise, advice and legal services clients can trust in a cost-effective manner for over 16 years of practice.

Philip’s practice has concentrated on:

  • Commercial Matters –  Contract preparation and negotiation, commercial transactions, business purchases and sales;
  • Corporate Matters – Corporate purchases and sales, unanimous shareholders agreements and corporate restructuring, and corporate re-organisations [key employees and succession planning];
  • Real Estate Matters-  Residential, commercial and construction contracts and transactions;
  • Wills and Estate Planning Matters – Wills, enduring power of attorneys etc.;
  • Probate and Estate Administration Matters;
  • Employment Law Matters;
  • Civil Litigation in his areas of practice.

Philip has a diverse clientele with an expansive range of legal transactions, documentation, issues and disputes, and in part due to the breadth of his practice, he is fortunate to have had the time and opportunity to forge long lasting relationships with many of his clients.

Philip has also seen the Laws and practice of Law evolve, and he continues to strive to provide expertise, advice and service his clients can trust that is cost-effective, and this challenge has also helped to make the practice of Law engaging and enjoyable throughout his 16 years of practice.

When Philip is not at work he likes to spend time with his friends and family enjoying the fun and variety of activities that Edmonton has to offer.


University of Alberta – LL.B. [Batchelor of Laws] – 2004

From time to time we get asked why Philip has a LL.B. [Batchelor of Laws] and not a J.D. [Juris Doctorate]. In Canada the LL.B. and J.D. are equivalent, and when Philip graduated in 2004, the University of Alberta Faculty of Law granted  the LL.B. designation. Several years after Philip graduated, the University of Alberta Faculty of Law, amongst many other Canadian Universities, changed the designation they provided from the LL.B. to the J.D., and Philip has chosen to keep his LL.B.

We also from time to time we get asked why Philip does not have an undergraduate degree before he obtained his LL.B. [Batchelor of Laws], and that is because Philip was accepted into the Faculty of Law at the University of Alberta early before he had finished obtaining his Bachelor in Science degree, and chose to pursue his legal career as soon as he could.

Firm Overview:

We are an Edmonton law firm with over 16 years of providing experience, advice and service our clients can trust to a wide variety of clients in different stages of their respective lives, businesses and industries.

We provide legal services for commercial matters, business law matters, corporate matters, real estate [commercial and residential] matters, wills and estate planning matters, probate and estate administration matters, employment matters, and civil litigation services.

We offer flexible legal services from full retainers to limited retainers, and flexible fees arrangements including flat fee services, hourly rate services, and contingency fee services.

We offer remote and video conference meetings with a variety of service providers, can be contacted by phone, text, email, fax, or via instant message [WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Line etc.] all available through our website.

Dimitrios Foutsis

Dimitrios Foutsis is our exclusively recommended Commercial Law expert in Greece on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Dimitrios directly using the contact details listed above.

Dimitris has extensive expertise in Corporate, M&A & Business Law, in Competition law, Real Estate and Tax Planning.

He has worked at Clifford Chance (Frankfurt) and he is currently Managing Partner in Foutsis & Partners Law firm.

Dimitrios Foutsis is a distinguished Member of the Greek Commercial Lawyers Society, of the Greek-German Lawyers Association and of the International Bar Association.

Firm Overview:

FP is one of the leading law firms in Greece, with more than 70 years of experience and commitment to client service since its establishment in 1946 by the founder Dimitrios E. Foutsis (1913-1987).

FP has been operating continuously since then with a well-respected Greek and international clientele. The firm’s team of talented lawyers, all of whom are specialists in different fields of practice, provides quality legal solutions of the highest standards.

In addition to numerous national legal entities and private individuals, the firm counts multinational corporations among its extensive list of clients. Through its long-standing interaction with international clients and the firm’s international networking, FP has evolved over the years, embracing the growing and ever-developing business needs of each of its clients. The firm prides itself in its ability to provide comprehensive and expert legal advice, combining its knowledge of the Greek legal system with an in-depth understanding of international and European Union law.

FP consists of one of the most internationally minded Greek legal teams. FP is the only Greek law firm with a branch in Cyprus. The firm focuses on high quality value-adding law services typified by commercial approach and integrity.

International Network:

FP is a member of international alliances and networks allowing to deliver integrated legal services of the highest quality and access global legal resources through vast network of well-established law offices.

Ramón María Yglesias Piza

Ramón María Yglesias Piza is our exclusively recommended Commercial Law expert in Costa Rica on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Ramón directly using the contact details listed above.

Our years in the legal business determine the essence of our success, based on knowledge, experience and service. Our commitment is to be diligent, always maintaining direct contact with our clients. This provides a closer client/attorney relationship that results in efficiency towards the goals of our clients. We actively participate in workshops, seminars and our senior attorneys are well-known professors of our most prestigious Law Schools.

Our team counts with attorneys of experience and knowledge of the local and global circumstances prepared to provide high-quality legal services in a globalised and service-oriented economy.

Firm Overview:

Founded in 1939, Mora Yglesias & Associates has proved to be a solid firm of high ethical standards and a commitment of service to our customers.

We have attorneys of great experience and knowledge of both the local and global context, who have consistently provided legal services of quality to the tenor of a globalised economy. Furthermore, we have amassed legal, social and political-strategic alliances that prepare us for any challenge and distinguish us from our competitors.

Our law firm is a pioneer in the development of international law firm networks.


In our firm, we speak Spanish and English. Some speak German, Italian and French.

Adrian S. Daniel, F.Lit.C, A.C.C., C. Dir.

Adrian Daniel is our exclusively recommended Commercial Law expert in Saint Kitts & Nevis on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Adrian directly using the contact details listed above.

Adrian is an Associate Attorney and the Compliance Officer at Daniel Brantley. He was appointed as a Notary Public for St. Christopher and Nevis in 2016 by the Chief Justice of the Eastern Caribbean Supreme Court. He is efficient in representing various clients in different aspects of the law and is known for his astute ability to settle matters in a manner that is acceptable to his clients.

His practice focuses on real estate, probate and estates, debt collection, conveyancing, personal injuries, admiralty & shipping, litigation, and economic citizenship applications. He has been involved in contentious trusts litigation relating to the removal of a trustee, judicial review matters involving hotelier rights to build on beachfront property, the sale of high-end real estate throughout St. Christopher and Nevis with values exceeding US$5 million, the winding up of large Probate Estates some valuing EC$10 million likewise rendering advice to large high-end hotel chain groups in relation to but not limited to operating agreements, management agreements and performance goals. He facilitates the formation of International Business Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, and Foundations and renders advice on the regulatory framework for those companies.

Adrian read law at Kingston University in the UK and in 2008 obtained his Bachelor of Laws degree with honours. Further, he successfully completed the Bar Professional Training Course at The College of Law (now known as the University of Law) and was called to the Bar of England and Wales in 2009 as a member of the Honourable Society of the Inner Temple. He subsequently attended the Norman Manley Law School in Jamaica where he obtained his Legal Education Certificate in 2011. He also holds an Associate Degree in Business Management from the University of the Virgin Islands.

In May 2017, May 2018 and February 2019 Adrian was respectively awarded the designation of Chartered Director, Audit Committee Certified and Financial Literacy Certified by the Caribbean Governance Training Institute and is available to act as a Director of any company attending to the corporate governance, legal duties and essential responsibilities of a director. In December 2017, Adrian was elected to the Board of Directors of the Bank of Nevis Limited, an indigenous bank to Nevis.

Adrian Daniel is the son of the late Right Excellent Sir Simeon Daniel, is married and he and his wife have two children.

Firm Overview:

Daniel Brantley is a full service law firm operating in the Federation of St. Kitts & Nevis and Anguilla. It has been in existence for over 30 years and services individuals, corporations, governments, non-profits and tribunals domestically, within the Caribbean region and internationally guaranteeing the highest quality of legal services from the preferred legal team. The Legal Team offers a reassuring blend of experience and impeccable academic credentials. The members have between them over fifty years at the Bar and an intimacy with Government and the workings of the law at the highest level. The Firm has associations with leading Law Firms throughout the region and internationally and utilise all moderns forms of technology within its operations.

The Firm is engaged primarily in the areas of Admiralty & Shipping, Banking & Finance, Civil & Commercial litigation, Insolvency, Intellectual Property law, Employment law, Real Estate, Probate and Trust Law. The Firm has been and continues to be involved in significant commercial litigation running to the hundreds of millions of dollars. The Firm was involved in the first class action suit brought in the Eastern Caribbean involving some 120 Claimants.

In Nevis, the Firm has handled well over US$20 million worth of purchases in the Four Seasons Resort Estates alone and millions of dollars worth of real estate elsewhere on the island. The Firm has also done securitisation work for various international hotel chains well in excess of US$80 million. In Anguilla, the Firm represents several high end clients including liquidators of major resorts. The Firm operates in an environment of political and economic stability on islands that are attractive, comfortable and safe for visitors. Nevis is easily accessible by several daily inexpensive trips by ferry or light aeroplane from the bustling neighbouring island of St Kitts. Additionally, there are the following benefits:

  • Same day arrival from the United States via Antigua, St Maarten, Puerto Rico and St. Kitts.
  • Accommodation at the Caribbean’s only five diamond Four Seasons Resort and historical plantation inns.
  • English-speaking population.
  • Legislation formulated specifically to favour the formation of offshore corporations, trusts, limited liability companies and offshore banks
  • Zero tax on personal income, capital gains, dividends, gift or sales in Nevis.
  • Severe criminal and civil penalties for violation of privacy laws.
  • Courier, fax and e-mail services.
  • Modern telecommunications network.

The Firm is committed to community development and is a frequent sponsor of cultural events within the Federation.

Gael Tchouba

Gael Tchouba is our exclusively recommended Commercial Law expert in Cameroon on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Gael directly using the contact details listed above.

Managing Partner of Citadel Law Firm, Gael is a Barrister & Solicitor before the Supreme court of Cameroon and Nigeria. He obtained his LL.B at the prestigious Anglo-Saxon University of Buea, attended the most revered Nigerian Law School (Abuja) where he did his Bar Professional Training course (BL) and later on obtained an LLM in Business Law at the University of Douala, Cameroon.

In his professional capacity, he has over 08 years’ experience as a lawyer and has worked in some of Douala’s top tier corporate and commercial law firms.

He is an emerging lawyer with experience in corporate, commercial, regulatory and litigation fields.

He has assisted local and foreign clients across a full range of transactional practices and has hands-on experience on OHADA law practice and procedures.

His boardroom practice encapsulates corporate and commercial transactions, commercial disputes, business advisory, incorporation of companies, liaison offices, regulatory compliance, corporate due diligence, debt recovery, immigration, employment issues, litigation services, legal translation.

Thanks to CITADEL LAW FIRM, he has been able to advice major players in the public procurement sector, media, telecoms, fintech, gambling, as well as handled commercial transactions in other jurisdiction precisely in Niger Republic and Ivory Coast.

He is a pro bono research consultant to the World Bank Group’s Doing Business Project.