Mark Norden FCA FSBP

Mark Norden, FCA (Chartered Accountant) ASBP (Association of Strategic Business Planners) is living the dream! After qualifying in 1989 he promptly set off for Bermuda, where he spent two years riding the surf and barbecuing fish – as well as working with Ernst & Young, who were then the largest accountancy practice in the world. He returned to the UK in 1993, tanned and enthusiastic, to set up his first practice in Essex.

In 1996 Mark diversified into buying distressed companies and turning them around to create fast and steady profits. This is what differentiates him from most accountants, as the experience he gained instilled a valuable understanding of risk, strategy and the emotional demands of success and failure. He is sensitive to the problems his clients may face, as he’s been in that boat – sinking business, not another reference to his sunny days in flowery shorts! He knows first-hand the pitfalls that make a business succeed or fail miserably.

Ensuring success for his clients is a key factor underpinning the firm’s ideology. “Our main strength is our ability to continue changing and improving to meet our clients’ needs. My job involves anything and everything!! I specialise in assisting business owners to achieve their goals.” As Hux Huxley once said, “I ain’t dying for no three cream crackers and a dog biscuit!!” (Oh yes, and he thinks he’s amusing… a perception not always shared by the rest of the team!).

Mark enjoys spending time with clients – some of whom have been with him right from the start, and one of his greatest strengths is his empathy with them. They can confirm that he remains true to his values of honesty and transparency regardless of the situation, and he will extol the virtues of any service he believes represents genuine value to his clients. As a member of the Association of Strategic Business Planners, Mark is proud of what the company has achieved to date, but recognises that there is still a long journey ahead… His number one goal: “To ensure perfection – we are constantly working towards that!”

In his spare time Mark attempts a lot of things which he’s never properly mastered: he plays golf (and last played well in 2001), speaks French (fluently after drinking alcohol), and plays the guitar extremely poorly. (“A guitar teacher once told me I had no rhythm, I still don’t know what he meant!!”) We can only feel sorry for his wife and two young children…

Firm Overview:

Dynamic and creative accountants and strategic business planners, with a specialist team to look after fashion and media clients. Most small businesses don’t give their owners the lifestyle they deserve; in fact, 75% of small businesses fail within three years – we’ll make sure you’re in the 25% that succeed. We can handle your accounts, help reduce your tax payments and come up with realistic solutions to resolve your business issues. After all, there’s more to life than just debits and credits!