Christophe Cuartero

Christophe Cuartero is our exclusively recommended Business Law expert in Guadeloupe on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Christophe directly using the contact details above.

Christophe has been a member of the Guadeloupe Bar since March 1999. He holds a Master’s degree in Business Law, and a D.E.S.S. in international business obtained from the Institute of Business Administration of Bordeaux.

With a degree in business law complemented by a background in administration and management of the company, he has the knowledge necessary to the business world. He is therefore the privileged interlocutor of the entrepreneurs of Guadeloupe and all those who wish to be assisted before the Courts of Commerce and Industrial Court of Pointe à Pitre and Basse Terre.

He is also trained in the techniques of reasoned negotiation called “Harvard method” having in this respect followed a training at the Ecole Centrale.

Josue Ngadjadoum

Josué Ngadjadoum is highly respected by peers and has a reputation for being “very active.” His expertise in the energy law sector is especially highlighted and he is praised for providing “very valuable input in terms of local law and practice.” One source reported: “We’ve had some really good in-depth discussions with him on finer points of law.”

Firm Overview:

The firm is active across the full spectrum of general business law issues including in the energy, banking and transport sectors, as well as in due diligence and M&A, for which it represents significant local and international clients. It is consistently noted as a market leader and is singled out for its impressive sector activity by peers. One source reported that the team is “good and responsive,” adding: “We have a good relationship with them.”

Maurizio Bellucci

Maurizio Bellucci is our exclusively recommended Business Law expert in the Vatican City on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Maurizio directly using the contact details listed above.

Bellucci & Partners Law Firm was founded in 1979 on the initiative of the late Attorney Oscar Pierotti, who died in October of 2011.

The activities of the firm is initially reported as part of counselling and legal assistance in matters of corporate and commercial law related to the productive sector of the building and the world cooperatively bound to it.

Since 1988 began the collaboration of lawyer Maurice Bellucci became stable from 1991 until it reaches the end of the 90’s to share ownership of the firm that had to take the name of law firm Pierotti Bellucci.

Over the years 90 and to this day, thanks to the specific skills cultivated by the lawyer Bellucci, the firm has expanded its horizons in the field of private law and commercial rooting particular expertise in the field of contract law and company law and activating forms integrated business consulting and assistance in favour of corporations operating in different productive sectors such as Retail, Electronics, Gaming (management reports related to the management of legal gaming with cash prizes), Energy, Waste Management and Transportation.

He has also developed very specialised field of expertise such as those relating to the discipline of compensation for property lost by companies and Italian citizens abroad with particular reference to African countries.

The firm, in the areas highlighted, to give assistance to Italian companies in business activities abroad and providing targeted assistance to foreign groups to carry out activities in Italy (in this sense has gained experience and from Spain, France , England, Belgium, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Kenya, Rwanda, Madagascar).

In this context he also edited a number of important operations of joint ventures between Italian and foreign groups in Italy and the establishment of joint-stock company with a sole expression of non-European multinationals, for business development in Europe.

Next to advising the Firm always care management of litigation is connected to areas of interest to both primary and statutory areas such as family law and inheritance.

The firm has helped over the years into a professional development specialist and a group of lawyers who currently make up their own element of strength (Sabrina Vaiarelli lawyers, Beatrice and John Inchingolo Guandalini), and also has enabled close relations with some professionals and teachers who are distinguished for their high scientific level in areas of interest related to its sphere of activity (Notarial Acts, Labour Law, Administrative Law) in order to offer its customers a broad and integrated support consistently high.

The firm Bellucci & Partners operates throughout the Italian territory (in particular Milan, Turin, Parma, Florence, Teramo, Perugia, Naples, Ancona, Bologna) thanks to a consolidated network of correspondents of primary level.

Vitor Marques da Cruz

Vitor Marques da Cruz is our exclusively recommended Business Law expert in Angola on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Vitor directly using the contact details listed above.

Vitor is the founding partner of the Portuguese law firm MC&A, specialised in international business advisory, with a special focus in Lusophone markets. He has extensive experience in business Law, including large-scale M&A and corporate transactions and is specialised in Financial and Banking Law. He focuses his practice in advising government departments and international companies in Portugal, Angola and Mozambique, being referred to in several Handbooks and Global Law guides as one of the top Portuguese business lawyers working in the African market.

He graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Lisbon in 1982, where he was also an Assistant of Public Financial Law. He holds a post-graduate degree in European Law from the Faculty of Law of the Portuguese Catholic University. Vítor Marques da Cruz is a regular speaker at events on investment in the African market, having participated in numerous international conferences and seminars to raise awareness about business specificities and opportunities in countries such as Angola, Mozambique, Guinea, Cape Verde, Sao Tome and Principe, among others. He also collaborates with several international law guides, through articles published on the legal systems and investment conditions of these markets. His main areas of intervention include legal advisory in the sectors of banking, construction, real estate and energy.

Firm Overview:

Established in Luanda in 2011, in partnership with MC&A, MVA was created based on years of experience of its founding partner Mauro Mota Veiga, and with the know-how and support of MC&A’s team.

Currently, MVA an Angolan law firm with international recognition and wide experience in legal advice for towards investment operations in Angola.

MVA offers a wide range of legal services in several areas of law, with particular focus on the Banking, Energy, Corporate, M&A, Labour and Tax sectors.

Xavier Jordana Rossell

Graduate in Law (University of Barcelona). Prime Assitant in the Notary’s Office in Andorra (1984-1985). Mayor (1984-1985). Judge for Civil and Commercial matters/Examining Magistrate (1986-1993). Member of the Governing body of the Andorran Bar Association (1998-2002). Appointed by the Andorran Government as member of the “Superior Commission of Finances” (1998-2004). Member and President of the “Institut Nacional Andorrà de Finances” (INAF), the sole authority in the supervision and control of the andorran financial and banking system (2005-2007). Minister for urban development and town and country planning (2007-2009). Lawyer in practice since 1996.

Practice Areas:

General Business Law. Dispute Resolution. Last year I worked in important transactions and legal proceedings in the Principality of Andorra.

Professional Memberships:

Head. Senior and Managing Partner.

Firm Overview:

Established in 1997 by Xavier Jordana, during recent years the firm has consolidated its presence in the Principality of Andorra, with a strict focus on the practice of law in the three principal branches: civil (including mercantile and employment), criminal (particularly financial and matters of prevention of money laundering) and administrative.

The firm offers personal service and advice, keeping up a very close and continuous relationship with their clients. It has acted in several important operations, taking advantage of rigorous working standards and a thorough knowledge of Andorran law and society, in which significant changes are taking place.

One of the firm’s important features is its capacity and skill in dealing with cases individually and in an overall context, applying the most appropriate focus and personalised solutions.

The firm concentrates on independence, rigour and reliability in its work and in personal and professional ethics. The office works as a top-quality legal boutique and all the members are committed to compliance with common principles and objectives, such as quality work, loyalty in personal treatment, punctual information to the clients and persistence in achieving results.

There are three lawyers and one legal counsel in the firm: Xavier Jordana, Senior and Managing Partner, Sònia Ruiz and Maria José Párraga, associates, and Manuel Moragón, recently joined the firm this year, as legal counsel.

Xavier Jordana qualified in 1983 at Barcelona University (Spain). His experience includes being Judicial Secretary in the Courts of Andorra, Prime Assistant in the Notary’s Office in Andorra, Mayor, Examining Magistrate / Judge for civil and commercial matters, Member of the governing body of the Andorran Bar Association, Member of the Superior Finances Commission (a public body with competence in the prevention of money laundering), President of the National Institute of Finances (INAF), the highest authority in supervision and control of the Andorran financial and banking system, Minister of Town & Country Planning and Environment in the Government of Andorra (2007/2009). His career and his long experience and background in different fields (both public and private) make him one of the most accomplished lawyers in Andorra, able to act as a truly global jurist in both the ambit of public law and the context of private law and also in the courts, before all jurisdictions and in matters of all kinds.

Sònia Ruiz graduated from Lleida University (Spain) in 1996. Postgraduate course in Andorran Law at the Andorran University. Lawyer in practice with the firm since 1998, in the areas of criminal law (especially defense in financial cases and money laundering matters), civil law (property conflicts between private parties and between public corporations), family (divorces) and inheritance matters. She also handles bankruptcy.

Maria José Párraga graduated in Law from the National University of Distance Education (UNED) in 2004. After setting up Lextoday in 2011 she joined the firm in 2013, working in the areas of civil (especially senior executive employment), mercantile and company law, with a special emphasis on foreign investment in Andorra.

Manuel Moragón graduated in Law from Castilla – La Mancha, Toledo (Spain) University in 2006, and followed that up with his training on the judiciary and working as a legal counsel. He joined the firm in 2017, working in the areas of civil law (inheritance matters), criminal and commercial law.

Yudi Levy

Adv. Yudi Levy is the firm’s Managing Partner and the Chairman of its Executive Committee, and is respected as one of Israel’s dominant corporate attorneys. He has been leading the firm since its inception and played a major role in bringing the firm to its current status as one of Israel’s largest and most dominant firms in corporate law, capital markets, securities and financing.

In addition to his role as the firm’s chief executive, Adv. Levy handles a wide range of complex corporate transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, public offerings, and reorganizations. Adv. Levy also engages in trust and estate counseling and planning for high net worth individuals.

Adv. Levy is highly involved in Israel’s business community and is repeatedly called upon to advise boards of directors regarding crisis management. Alongside his legal and professional activities, Adv. Levy also serves as Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of El Al Israel Airlines Ltd. (traded on the TASE); Member of the Boards of Directors of Knafaim Holdings Ltd. (TASE), Global Knafaim Leasing Ltd., Maman Cargo Terminals Ltd. (TASE) and Dori Media Group Ltd.; Member of the Executive Committee of Shalem Academic Center Ltd. and Member of the Board of Trustees of the Shalem Foundation; and a Member of Management of the Cegla Center for Interdisciplinary Research of the Law at the Faculty of Law, Tel Aviv University.


– LL.B., Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 1969

Bar Admissions:

– Israel Bar, 1971
– New York Bar, 1988

Law Firm:

Goldfarb Seligman & Co., one of Israel’s largest law firms, is among the elite group of firms that deliver top-tier legal services at international standards. The firm, which traces its history back over 80 years, offers clients extensive experience in various fields of law.

The firm is headed by Adv. Eli Zohar (Chairman) and Adv. Yudi Levy (Managing Partner).

Goldfarb Seligman employs over 220 attorneys, including over 80 partners, who offer clients a wide spectrum of legal services. The firm focuses on three core practice areas: corporate and capital markets in Israel and overseas; litigation of all types; real estate and planning and construction. The firm also offers highly specialized practices in taxation; finance; banking and insurance; energy and infrastructure; environmental law and sustainability; regulation and competition; labor law; and more.

At the heart of Goldfarb Seligman’s professional philosophy is the belief that every client is unique, with individual issues and considerations. Based on this philosophy, the firm strives to provide each client with comprehensive legal services that are tailored to its specific needs. The firm’s attorneys provide our clientele personalized service, combined with the array of sophisticated legal services and global connections that a large international law firm can offer.

The firm recruits and employs the leading attorneys in each of its various practice areas, who are expert in various fields of law and many of whom have foreign legal education and practice experience. The caliber, breadth and depth of the outstanding professionals at Goldfarb Seligman, together with the firm’s commitment to quality, excellence, integrity and discretion, make it the firm of choice for the most discerning clients, both in Israel and overseas.

The firm’s attorneys possess extensive expertise and experience in various fields of law and provide comprehensive and creative legal services. The diversified experience, together with the firm’s multidisciplinary approach, which combines experts from various legal disciplines, enables the firm to provide each client with unique, professional legal services, tailored to its needs.

Goldfarb Seligman has consistently been ranked among the leading law firms in Israel in various practice areas by international and local ratings such as Chambers Global, European Legal 500, IFLR1000, BDICode, Dun’s 100 and others.