Simon Gill

Experienced Senior Partner with a demonstrated history of working in the legal services industry. Skilled in International Law, Immigration Law, Legal Assistance, European Law, and Dispute Resolution. Strong entrepreneurship professional graduated from GHS.

Law Firm:

At Quantum Immigration LLP, we pride ourselves on having the very best immigration lawyers, with several years of experience in providing only the most specialist immigration advice, as shown by the awards we’ve won. Our team consists of both barristers and immigration lawyers regulated to the highest standard by the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC). We specialise in all areas of immigration law and can assist both individuals and businesses in achieving the best results.

Our Promises:

To give you a thorough understanding of the issues involved from the outset
To explain which application is best and why
To listen to what you and your family or business need, and keep this at the core of our advice
To make a time sensitive action plan
To communicate with you throughout the process

We pride ourselves on three basic principles:

1. Efficiency – Quantum appreciates that time is often at a premium; clients want their applications dealt with efficiently and professionally. Our immigration lawyers are trained to take detailed instructions and prepare applications thoroughly yet quickly. Our expert immigration lawyers are aware that cases do not come in neat succession and urgent deadlines have to be met while still maintaining a focus on routine matters. Each client will be made to feel that their case is given the time, respect and attention it deserves. Urgent matters are naturally given priority and we can discuss ways of expediting immigration applications which are particularly time sensitive.

2. Ethics – We strongly believe in treating our clients with the greatest respect; which means honest advice, complete transparency and open communication. Our immigration lawyers will provide detailed advice to clients showcasing a range of options that are available to them. Each option will be discussed in full and the benefits and obstacles will be explored and examined. The merits of any application or appeal will be made clear from the onset and it will be for the client to decide which option suits their needs based on our advice. We believe in having open channels of communication with our clients to ensure that we deliver our client’s needs.

3. Expertise – At Quantum we believe the only way to gain confidence from our clients is to demonstrate knowledge and expertise. As a result, our immigration lawyers are highly trained and qualified in all areas of immigration law. You can be assured that the lawyer assigned to your case will have expert knowledge and experience. Immigration, to the UK and Globally, is a fast moving area of law. The Immigration Rules are constantly changing and we insist that our lawyers are kept up to speed with these changes. We keep abreast of the latest developments and we take the training of our staff very seriously. To that end, you can be confident that your immigration case will be prepared to the highest quality.