Maksat Sahedov

Maksat Sahedov is our exclusively recommended Business Advisory expert in Turkmenistan on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Maksat directly using the contact details listed above.

Advisory Excellence Digital Certificate of Excellence

Maksat is a private auditor and business consultant in Turkmenistan, providing audit and assurance, tax advisory and business compliance services to FLEs that have operations or potential business interests in the developing market of Turkmenistan by acting as their trusted advisor.

Maksat has more than 15 years of professional experience in auditing, consulting and compliance areas, including 12 years in the leading international audit and consulting firms.

Maksat is unique in servicing operators and subcontractors that operate in Turkmenistan under Production Sharing Agreements. This uniqueness is achieved through deep knowledge and expertise in production-sharing agreements, petroleum and tax laws, cost recovery and profit-sharing mechanisms as well as their nexus with taxation. These unique masteries assure the ability to puzzle out in various engagements and serve as a foundation for multiple success stories.

Maksat’s mission is to be possessive of not only professional technical attributes related to practice areas, but also to be a solid attorney for clients, combining — all in one place — the critical characteristics of honesty, ethics and independency.

Aiming to always pursue the optimum for his clients, Maksat is committed to continuous improvement of his services in order to become the best in the market. He has close access to an international network of audit and consulting firms to ensure the latest information and ideas are brought to clients.

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