Carlos Carneiro Gomes

Carlos Carneiro Gomes is our exclusively recommended Bankruptcy Law expert in Portugal on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Carlos directly using the contact details listed above.

PMCG is a Portuguese law firm offering a broad range of legal services designed to fulfil our clients` demands, catering to diversified sectors and areas of economic activity.

PMCG’s team of lawyers is composed of senior experienced professionals, focused on the clients` needs and oriented towards the creation of solutions wish delivered to enhanced value for our clients.

PMCG has an international presence through a network of professional partnerships which provides the required support to our clients` activity in foreign markets.

In addition, PMCG is a member of various Business Associations and Chambers of Commerce established in Portugal as well as being part of International Associations of Law Professionals.

Insolvency, Restructuring & Credit Recovery:

PMCG frequently intervenes and represents Clients in Corporate Recovery, Restructuring (PER, RERE, PEAP) and Insolvency – private and corporate-, revealing our effective and expeditious response in all its legal implications.

Due Diligence:

PMCG provides due diligence services, through the constitution of each unique team attending the service expected by the client and its area of activity, with the purpose of delivering a service of excellence.

Advisory Excellence Recommends PMCG for Bankruptcy Law Advice in Portugal (