Practical Tips For Selling Your Home Faster

You might have plans to move to a new place, start a new job, or meet new people, and looking for a new home is essential. When it comes to selling your current house, getting the best value out of it is a top priority. Regardless of the housing market conditions, a quick sale is desirable, and this is because 22% of all homes end up dropping prices within the first three months of being listed. This article highlights effective tips to help you sell your home faster and maximise your profit. 

1. Depersonalize, declutter, and clean 

It’s important to declutter and depersonalise your home to help potential buyers picture themselves in your space. A thorough cleaning from top to bottom and hiding family photos and personal items can go a long way in making your house more inviting. It’s common practice to hire external cleaners before a major showing.

Rearranging furniture to make your home look more spacious and ensuring buyers can move through the house easily is also key. Consider putting bulky items in storage to create a more open and inviting feel. 

If you’re looking to showcase your home’s best assets and impress potential buyers, hiring a professional stager could be worthwhile. While it can be expensive, statistics show that staged homes sell 88% faster and for 20% more than non-staged homes on average.

2. Boost your curb appeal 

Making a great first impression is crucial when it comes to selling your home quickly. The exterior of your home and its surrounding neighbourhood are the first things that potential buyers see. To enhance your home’s curb appeal, you need to focus on both the house and its surroundings.

If you’re in a hurry to sell, major renovations might be out of the question. Therefore, consider making minor repairs and maintenance to the outside of your house, such as touching up the paint, washing the windows, and fixing anything that is broken. If you don’t have time to repaint the entire house, a fresh coat of paint on the door can make a significant difference. You can also replace old and unattractive door handles or address numbers with newer ones.

Enhancing your home’s curb appeal is not limited to the house alone. You can make some improvements to the surrounding area to create a more inviting atmosphere. Planting flowers or adding bark mulch can give your yard a freshly landscaped look. Additionally, laying out a welcome mat and cleaning your mailbox can make a big difference. You should also remove spiderwebs and debris from windows, eaves, and porches to create a more polished look.

A positive curb appeal not only attracts potential buyers but also indicates to the market that you have taken good care of the home. This can build trust and increase the chances of a quick sale.

3. Find the right real estate agent 

If you’re looking to sell your home quickly, consider hiring a reputable real estate or housing agent who understands the market and has a proven track record of successful sales. Keep in mind that you, as the seller, are typically responsible for paying the commission for the buyer and seller agents, which can range from 2% to 3% of the selling price. However, having an agent can be convenient and beneficial for you.

A top realtor can help you with the entire process of selling your home. They can arrange for a photographer to take high-quality photos of your property, negotiate the best price on your behalf, write an effective real estate listing, schedule and host showings, and market your property to attract potential buyers. With their experience and expertise, a good realtor can help streamline the selling procedures and increase your chances of a quick sale.

4. Be flexible with showings 

It’s important to be flexible with home showings to increase the chances of a quick sale. Potential buyers often prefer to view homes on their schedule, which typically includes evenings and weekends. Moreover, they want to inspect your online listed home soon as possible, especially if they’re competing with other buyers. Thus, it’s essential to make your home available for showings with little or no notice so that more prospective buyers can see it. It’s also important to know that requiring 24 hours’ notice may discourage potential buyers from considering your home altogether, and you might miss out on a potential sale. Additionally, make sure you’re ready to leave quickly when a showing is scheduled. Cleaning up or hanging around outside when the buyer arrives can make for an awkward interaction.

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