ParrisWhittaker Named as A Finalist At 2019 Awards

ParrisWhittaker is a local law firm founded by two top lawyers: Arthur Parris, real estate / commercial expert, and Jacy Whittaker, a litigator with extraordinary energy and an outstanding track record.

The 2019 Awards are part of the Lloyd’s List Excellence in Shipping Awards, which is the flagship awards program that recognises and rewards excellence across the entire maritime sector. The definition of maritime is something nautical or related to the sea. The body of laws that set the rules for commerce that takes place on oceans and seas are an example of maritime laws.

Given the incredible list of firms nominated, It is with great pride and humility that ParrisWhittaker announces being named a finalist for excellence.

The Awards promote and celebrate excellence in the shipping industry.

Freight transport is the physical process of transporting commodities and merchandise goods and cargo. The term shipping originally referred to transport by sea but in American English, it has been extended to refer to transport by land or air as well.

The judging panel volunteer their time and experience to consider hundreds of entries. They come from all core sectors of the maritime industry to engage in lengthy face to face deliberation to debate and, ultimately, decide on winners.

Other awards being presented by Lloyd’s List Americas include:

  • Excellence in Future Fuels Solutions
  • Deal of the Year
  • Excellence in Data and Technology Innovation
  • Excellence in Decarbonisation towards 2050
  • Excellence in Environmental Management
  • Excellence in Port Management and Infrastructure
  • Excellence in Safety & Training

Lloyd’s List is one of the world’s oldest continuously running journals, having provided weekly shipping news in London as early as 1734. It was published daily until 2013, and is in constantly updated digital format only since then.

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