Office Design: How to Create a Future-Proof Workspace

The way that workspaces are used has changed so much these past few years. What was once a nine-to-five home from home for many people has changed beyond recognition. Instead of heading into the office every day and sitting in a cubicle, the modern work pattern is very different. You may use your office differently right now, but it’s still the hub of your business. 

Keeping a sense of cohesion among your employees is essential. So, you’re going to need an office space that’s designed for the new way of working. Following such a huge time of change in the way people work, it now makes perfect sense to re-imagine your office space. Here’s how you can create a future-proof workspace and help your business thrive:

Address the changing concerns of your employees

As so much is different these past few years, your team’s needs have changed a lot. Understanding where and how changes need to be made is key to a future-proof office space. 

One of the biggest and most obvious changes is the transition to working remotely. To draw people back to the office, your workspace needs to meet their new needs. Your team needs to feel safe in their working environment. One way to achieve this is by introducing more hygiene measures. Introducing more no-touch technology to reduce the touchpoints that workers come into contact with in the building is a great way to do this. Examples include doors that open on a sensor and lights that detect motion and switch on automatically.

Make it eco-friendly

Changes that reassure employees that their health’s being taken seriously matter. But, you also need to address another practical change. As general concern about the environment deepens, it’s likely that more of your team now drive electric vehicles. Accommodating the huge increase in people choosing to drive electric is essential to get your team into the office. To do this, it’s wise to get some charging points set up. Arranging EV charger installation as a key part of your office overhaul is essential to future-proof your company.

Taking further eco-friendly measures is also advisable. This includes switching to eco-friendly energy-saving lighting and working with green suppliers wherever possible. Making small changes to the way your business operates can make a huge difference to its environmentally-friendly credentials.

Choose the perfect configuration

In the past, sitting in a cubicle all day may have been totally normal. But, now, offering a bigger range of options is a really great way to boost productivity. Designing your office space with the added flexibility to include different ways of working can really help to aid both individual and collaborative working.

You could introduce options such as standing desks, pods for individual quiet working, and areas equipped with interactive whiteboards for meetings. This will ensure that you have the perfect set-up for everyone in your team, for now and the future.

Redesigning your office is the perfect opportunity to enhance the space and ensure it’s ready for the future.


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