RBS reports strong earnings and first annual profit since 2007

Royal Bank of Scotland beat analyst forecasts by posting £871m in operating profit for the third quarter of its financial year, helped by cost-cutting measures and not having to pay any additional conduct charges. The bank, which is still state-owned after having been bailed out for £45.5bn during the 2008 financial crisis, has now recorded […]

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Fear of higher rates is what’s really scaring the stock market

A bearish run-up in interest rates spooked the stock market Wednesday, and while a major shakeout may not yet be in the cards just now, analysts say it’s a sign of things to come as the world’s major central banks move to end easy policy. The quick snap up in U.S. Treasury yields Wednesday came […]

How AI and NLP will affect the media industry

One of the most visible of these technologies has been the use of artificial intelligence (AI) as well as Natural Language Processing (NLP), in process of collecting data and analysing it. Publishing industry across the world is going through challenges. The dynamic nature of technology trends demands its continuous evolution from publishing to a digital […]

Ebay paid UK corporation tax of £1.6m in 2016

The UK arm of eBay paid only £1.6m in corporation tax last year, even though its US parent had total revenues from its UK operations of $1.32bn (£1bn). Ebay’s UK accounts record only £200m in revenues, which came entirely from a Swiss parent firm, seemingly for acting as its advertising agency. The company declined to […]

Jordan Belfort still owes defrauded investors $97.5 million

It’s been almost 20 years since Jordan Belfort copped to securities fraud and money laundering in a stock scam Martin Scorsese later depicted in the hit film “The Wolf of Wall Street.” Belfort, 55, ended up with a $110 million judgment on his head in the Brooklyn Federal Court case and he still owes defrauded […]

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Bill Gates predicted this in 1999

Back in 1999 Bill Gates was all about the hustle, penning a number of books about business and the future. One such book, called Business @ The Speed of Thought, released in 1999, included a number of predictions about the future of business and technology, many of them were spot on. However, the most notable […]

North Korea’s only foreign-founded law firm suspends operations

North Korea’s first and only law firm set up by a foreigner, Hay, Kalb & Associates, will suspend operations, the firm’s principal said in a statement on Monday, as the country grows increasingly isolated. The firm is a joint venture between the North Korean state and British-French citizen Michael Hay, who has represented foreign clients […]

Discrimination by association

The case of a Northern Irish bakery’s refusal to fulfil an order for a cake bearing the slogan “Support Gay Marriage” has been widely publicised in the news since 2014, and litigation has been ongoing ever since. As this was a case about potential discrimination against a customer, rather than a worker, it was originally […]

What is the BACK2Y conference?

BACK2Y is an ‘Alternative’ Financial Planning Conference that is challenging the status quo of the Financial Services Industry. No sponsors. No product providers. No free ‘stuff’. No focus on investments or products. JUST PURE ‘LIFESTYLE’ FINANCIAL PLANNING: that’s financial planning with an end in mind. The ‘end’ is helping clients live a great life! It’s […]

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A List of Athletes Turned Successful Entrepreneurs

In today’s sports-crazed world, athletes like Lebron James and Tony Hawk have quickly become household names. But it’s not just their sport that’s making them famous. Athletes are becoming known for their entrepreneurship and savvy business deals—earning more off the playing field than on. From personalised apparel to multimillion dollar investment companies, see why these […]