DRBF 20th Annual International Conference

On June 30, DRBF’s 20th Annual International Conference was held in Lisbon, Portugal. Advisory Excellence Member, Giovanni Di Folco, was a speaker at the event. Giovanni is the President of Techno Engineering & Associates, which is a key player in the industry. Event details: 30 June: Q&A about DBs –  Mr Giovanni Di Folco, together with […]

U.S. Importers of Automotive Parts & Vehicles Save Major Duties & Taxes

There are a number of ways that vehicle and automotive parts companies can lower the duty that they pay for items imported into the United States. While these strategies have been in existence for many years, the use of these strategies has grown tremendously in recent years given the increase in taxes imposed on various […]

Valuable Information Everyone Should Know About FINRA Arbitrations

Investing in a company or a financial portfolio can sometimes provide fruitful returns, however, losses do regularly occur and occasionally they are a result of broker negligence or investment fraud. In such cases, a claim can be made to the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and, for holder’s of a brokerage account, it is mandatory […]


General Scheme of The Marine Insurance Marine hull insurance covers the damages that happen to an insured ship or other insurable parts of it, during the voyage, carrying cargo, during dispatch, anchorage, or repair. This coverage comprises all physical losses or perils, liabilities, and expenses of third parties, which arise from perils of the sea. […]

Learn Why Saving Your Business Data In The Cloud Is Safer In 2021

Talk about “the cloud” has abounded over the last several years. You’ve heard it. Some of your business colleagues have even talked about moving to it, but you’re still sceptical. What’s this cloud that everyone keeps speaking about? What can it do for my business? If you want to find out, keep on reading. What […]

Washington Group & Associates Opens Kaohsiung Office

Washington Group & Associates, a mid-sized international law firm based in Taipei, Taiwan, has opened a new office in Kaohsiung — Taiwan’s second-largest city and a major international port. “Our Kaohsiung office will make our services more accessible to clients with business in southern Taiwan,” said Tim Hsu, founder of Washington Group. “We look forward […]

Washington Group & Associates Welcomes American Lawyer

Washington Group & Associates, a mid-sized international law firm based in Taipei, Taiwan, welcomes American lawyer Randall Moeller, who recently joined the firm’s service team. Randall Moeller, a graduate of Harvard and the University of Michigan Law School, has been named a “Washington State Super Lawyer” many times. He practiced law in Seattle, Washington for […]

6 Useful Facts Every Good Landlord Should Know

There are many things people can invest in, be it wines, jewellery or paintings. Folk can also get involved with the stock markets or multiple property ownership. One thing’s for sure: it pays to know what you’re doing in advance. It may be tempting to assume that all landlords do is receive monthly rent checks. […]

Top Reasons Why Healthcare Businesses Get Sued In 2021

Healthcare businesses work in one of the most sensitive and risky fields, human error or negligence can cause life-threatening problems, and can even lead to death. The stakes are high when dealing with a patient’s health, when things go wrong, it can leave healthcare businesses vulnerable to lawsuits. There are around 85,000 lawsuits filed for […]

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An Informal Introduction To ADR Procedures

At a glance through any of the range of contracts offered in the 1999 and the 2017 Editions of the FIDIC Contract Suites, one will soon be aware that following the submission of a claim by either of the parties, the Engineer’s response and determination thereof is only the first step of the contractual and […]