Negotiating A Car Accident Claim: 5 Dos And 5 Don’ts

Car accidents can be a traumatic experience for those involved. In addition to physical injuries, there are also financial and legal implications that arise from these accidents. One of the most critical steps to take after a car accident is negotiating a car accident claim. However, dealing with a car accident claim can be daunting, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the process.

Negotiating A Car Accident Claim: 5 Dos And 5 Don'ts

Negotiating A Car Accident Claim: 5 Dos And 5 Don’ts

So, in this blog post, we will discuss the dos and don’ts of negotiating a car accident claim, as well as provide tips to help you navigate the process. Whether you are dealing with an insurance company or negotiating with the other driver’s attorney, this guide will help you understand the negotiation process and ensure that you get the compensation you deserve.

Below are the dos and don’ts of negotiating a car accident claim:


There are things you should do to ensure a favourable outcome for your car accident claim. These include:

1. Document Everything

Documentation is crucial when it comes to negotiating a car accident claim. It’s best to document everything related to the accident, including the date and time of the accident, the location of the accident, the names and contact information of witnesses, and the contact information of the other driver(s) involved in the accident. You should also take pictures of the damage to your car and any injuries you sustained. With proper documentation, you can strengthen your claim and increase your chance of getting a positive outcome for your case.

2. Contact Your Insurance Company

The next thing to do is contact your insurance provider. This is important because your insurance policy likely requires you to report any accidents promptly. Failing to do so could result in your claim being denied.

When you get in touch with your insurance company, give them all the necessary details about the accident, including the date, time, and location, as well as the other driver’s information. It’s also important to be honest when describing what happened. Your insurance company will likely ask for a statement from you, so it’s important to be prepared to provide one.

Keep in mind that your insurance company isn’t on your side, and their goal is to pay out as little as possible. However, they’re legally obligated to provide you with coverage, so make sure you understand your policy and your rights. By contacting your insurance provider promptly and giving them all the necessary information, they’ll be able to process your claim quickly and efficiently.

3. Seek Medical Attention

If you sustained any injuries in the accident, it’s also important to get medical help right away. Even if you don’t feel any pain immediately after the accident, it’s possible that you may have sustained internal injuries that may not be felt until later. Seeking medical help won’t only ensure that you receive the necessary treatment, but it’ll also provide documentation of your injuries, which will be useful when negotiating your car accident claim.

4. Hire An Attorney

If you’re unsure about the negotiation process or if you feel that you’re not being offered a fair settlement, it may be beneficial to hire an attorney. An experienced car accident lawyer can help you negotiate a fair settlement and ensure that your rights are protected.

For example, if you’re in Utah, you can find a car accident lawyer in Utah by conducting research online or asking for referrals from friends or family members. It’s important to hire an attorney who has experience in car accident cases and who’s familiar with the laws in your state.

5. Keep Track Of Your Expenses

Car accidents can be expensive. In addition to the cost of repairing your car, you may also incur medical expenses, lost wages, and other expenses related to it. It’s essential to track all expenses. This will help you negotiate a fair settlement with the insurance company to ensure all your economic losses are compensated.


Now that you’re aware of the things to do when negotiating a car accident claim, it’s time to familiarise yourself with the things you shouldn’t do. These include:

1. Admit Fault

One of the most important things to remember when negotiating a car accident claim is to never admit fault. Admitting fault can hurt your chances of receiving a fair and equitable settlement. Even if you believe that you were at fault for the accident, it’s best to let the insurance company and your attorney make that determination.

2. Sign Any Documents Without Consulting an Attorney

Insurance companies may try to pressure you into signing documents related to your car accident claim. But you must remember that you have the right to consult with an attorney before signing anything. Your lawyer can review the documents and ensure you’re not falling into their scheme to minimise your claim or deny it for unjustifiable reasons.

3. Accept The First Settlement Offer

Insurance companies may offer you a settlement soon after the car collision. However, it’s crucial to remember that the first offer is often lower than what you may be entitled to. That’s why it’s best to negotiate with the insurance company and seek the advice of an attorney before accepting any amount to protect your rights and interests.

4. Delay Filing A Claim

Again, it’s important to file a claim with your insurance company as soon as possible after the accident. Delaying the process can hurt your chances of receiving a fair settlement. Insurance companies may argue that the delay in filing the claim means that the injuries weren’t as severe as claimed. As such, they may insist that you’re not entitled to any settlement for your injuries.

5. Discuss Your Case With Others

It’s essential to keep your car accident claim private. Discussing your case with others can hurt your chances of receiving a fair settlement. The insurance company may use any information that they gather from others against you to diminish or reject your insurance claim, thereby losing your right to get compensated for your injuries.

Final Thoughts

Negotiating a car accident claim can be a stressful and overwhelming process. However, by following the dos and avoiding the don’ts outlined in this article, you can increase your chances of receiving fair compensation for your damages and injuries. Remember to gather evidence, seek medical attention, and contact your insurance company promptly. Also, consider hiring an attorney, if necessary, but be patient and persistent throughout the negotiation process. Just don’t forget that the other party’s insurance company isn’t on your side, and they’ll try to pay out as little as possible.

As long as you understand the value of your claim and you’re prepared to negotiate, you can ensure that you get the compensation you deserve.

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