Most popular coding languages to learn in 2024

Is learning to code or a new coding language your goal for 2024? Whether you are a well-established and already successful web developer or have just started in this field, you should know that choosing the right coding language for you is crucial. Alpha Efficiency, experts in web design in Chicago, assisted us in gathering the right information about coding languages. In today’s article, we’ll recommend some of the best languages you can implement in your developing practices. 


JavaScript is still one of the most used programming languages for web development. This language ensures interactivity to your website, making it one of the crucial programming languages for learning for every ambitious web developer. There are numerous reasons for learning JavaScript; with the appearance of single-page applications and the higher demand for dynamic user experience, JavaScript is now more relevant and necessary than ever. Of course, it is supported by all major web browsers and has an enormous ecosystem of libraries and frameworks.


Python is another excellent programming language that offers versatility and readability, making it a favorite among web developers. One of the best things about Python is that it is simple to learn and use but still rich with a robust collection of libraries and frameworks. It is widely used for web development with frameworks like Django and Flask. It is excellent for back-end development and is used for automation, data science, and machine learning.


TypeScript is a successor of JavaScript, and it has gained a load of popularity because of its statically typed nature. It offers strong type-checking, which is an ideal option for larger-scale applications. For modern web development projects, TypeScript is an excellent choice; they can significantly benefit from TypeScript’s unique type system, as it helps notice errors and writing issues in the early development stages. If you write a large number of codes on a daily basis, TypeScript is the right choice for you; it will make the work more efficient and faster.


Rust is considered a systems programming language, but it also has an application in web development that is in the growth process. Rust is highly focused on safety and performance, making it one of the most desired and admired programming languages many web developers utilize nowadays. It is designed for peak and fast performance, specifically for web assembly, making running code in the browser exceptionally rapid. If you work on applications requiring top-tier performance and solid security levels, Rust is the right programming language.


One of the most used and valued programming languages in the past decade is PHP, proven by the enormous percentage of websites powered by it. Despite its criticism and some issues with security and bugs, it is still one of the most relevant programming languages today. Most web developers use this language for building dynamic web pages and applications. Many popular content management systems, such as WordPress, are built with it, guaranteeing reliability.


Ruby is another popular coding language possessing many unique features. One of the most distinctive and valuable is the Ruby on Rails framework, celebrated for its excellent and fast development capabilities. That alone can be a good reason for you to start learning Ruby, as its framework is both developer-friendly and extremely powerful, making it a perfect tool for your development projects. If you want a coding language that enables best practices and the building process to be finished thoroughly but quickly, Ruby is the language for you.

Final thoughts

Did any of the mentioned languages catch our attention? Coding languages constantly change and evolve; staying in touch with the current most popular programming languages is essential, as it can significantly impact the quality and pace of your work. The number of coding languages and their constant improvements can be overwhelming; you can use this guide as a starting point to choose which language to learn. However, your choice will likely depend on your purposes and goals. Do you want to be a back-end developer? Are you interested in developing mobile apps? Once you decide your path, picking a coding language will be much easier. 

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    Great insights! Knowing the most popular coding languages in 2024 is crucial for anyone entering the tech field. It’s essential to stay updated to make informed decisions about learning paths. Thanks for sharing this valuable information!


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