MindGeek Rebrands as Aylo for a Fresh Start in the World of Adult Entertainment

MindGeek, the parent company behind popular adult entertainment websites like Pornhub, has undergone a major transformation. In a bid to shed its controversial past and emphasise its commitment to innovation, inclusivity, and safety, the company has rebranded itself as “Aylo.” This article explores the reasons behind this rebranding, the challenges the company has faced, and the potential implications of this fresh start for the adult entertainment industry.

A New Beginning: The Birth of Aylo

MindGeek’s decision to rebrand itself as Aylo follows a significant shift in leadership and ownership. After CEO Feras Antoon and COO David Tassillo stepped down in the wake of mounting controversies, the private equity firm Ethical Capital Partners assumed control of the company in March. The rebranding aims to signify a clean slate and a renewed focus on several key principles.

Fresh Start and Renewed Commitment: The official statement released by Aylo highlights the company’s aspiration for a “fresh start” and a reinvigorated dedication to several core values, including innovation, inclusivity, and trust and safety. This fresh start is not merely a change in name but a comprehensive effort to redefine the company’s image.

Diverse and Inclusive Adult Content: Aylo intends to promote diversity and inclusivity in the adult entertainment industry. The rebrand signifies a departure from conventional approaches and a commitment to providing a wider range of content that caters to various audiences.

Trust and Safety: Acknowledging the issues that have plagued the company in the past, Aylo is making a concerted effort to ensure trust and safety for its users. This includes stringent content moderation measures to prevent the dissemination of unlawful or harmful material.

Leaving Controversies Behind

While Aylo’s rebranding may signify a fresh start, it’s challenging to forget the significant controversies that have surrounded MindGeek in the past. For years, the company grappled with moderation issues, including the presence of child sexual abuse videos and other objectionable content on its platforms. In 2020, payment giants Visa and Mastercard stopped offering their services on Pornhub due to concerns about “unlawful content.”

Content Moderation Challenges: MindGeek’s previous struggles with content moderation are a stark reminder of the complexities involved in managing user-generated content on a massive scale. Aylo will need to implement robust and proactive moderation systems to regain trust.

Visa and Mastercard Fallout: The withdrawal of payment services by Visa and Mastercard had a substantial impact on MindGeek’s operations. Aylo’s rebranding may be an attempt to distance itself from this incident and regain financial partnerships.

A Name with No Meaning, Yet

One intriguing aspect of Aylo’s rebranding is the choice of its new name. Aylo’s statement regarding the name selection is worth noting: “You won’t find ‘Aylo’ in a dictionary.” This cryptic statement suggests that the name may not have a specific meaning, at least for now.

Creating a Blank Slate: By choosing a name with no predefined meaning, Aylo aims to create a blank slate upon which it can build a new identity. This approach allows the company to craft its own narrative without being limited by preconceived associations.

Flexibility for Future Branding: Aylo’s decision to keep the name open to interpretation provides flexibility for potential brand evolution. The company can adapt its image and purpose as it navigates the evolving landscape of adult entertainment.


The transformation of MindGeek into Aylo represents a significant shift in the adult entertainment industry. With a renewed commitment to innovation, inclusivity, and safety, Aylo aims to leave its controversial past behind. However, the challenges it faces, including content moderation and trust rebuilding, are substantial. The enigmatic name “Aylo” adds an intriguing dimension to this rebranding, highlighting the company’s aspiration for a fresh start and a future that is yet to be defined. As Aylo continues its journey, it remains to be seen how successful this transformation will be in reshaping the adult entertainment landscape.

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