Meet Birmingham Young Professional Of The Year Laura Thursfield

Finance professional Laura Thursfield has been named Birmingham Young Professional of the Year (BYPY) 2018. As illustrious guests from around the second city attended BPS Birmingham Future’s awards ceremony at The International Convention Centre.

BYPY is an annual event that recognises the finest talent across six award categories, with one category winner taking the title of overall winner. In addition to national exposure, the winner receives an Executive MBA from Aston University.

Winning a category at BYPY positions you as an exemplary figure and role model within the West Midlands business community.

More about Laura Thursfield

Laura Thursfield is an Independent Financial Adviser at Mazars LLP. Laura is responsible for leading the Birmingham Financial Planning team and for a wide range of Midlands-based clients. She has experience advising a wide range of private clients, from senior partners, directors and business owners through to independently wealthy individuals. In recognition of this, Laura was named Rising Star in the Women In Financial Advice Awards 2018.

As Birmingham Young Professional of the Year 2018, Laura acted as a national ambassador for Birmingham and is committed to improving the financial literacy of the city, in particular working alongside schools to develop key skills and self-development opportunities.

Alongside studying her Executive MBA at Aston Business School, Laura is a Trustee of CORE Education Trust and a member of the BPS Engage Committee, all contributing towards the goal of creating a supportive environment in which all who live and work in the region can thrive.

Looking to the Future

As Laura Thursfield continues to blaze a trail in Birmingham, her journey serves as an inspiration to young professionals across the city and beyond. Her commitment to innovation, leadership, and community engagement has not only earned her the title of Birmingham Young Professional of the Year but has also solidified her status as a role model for the next generation of leaders.

In conclusion, Laura Thursfield’s story is a remarkable testament to the potential of young professionals in Birmingham. Her journey from a promising graduate to a celebrated leader is a source of pride for the city. As she continues to make her mark in the tech industry and contribute to the community, Birmingham can undoubtedly look forward to a future filled with innovation, inclusivity, and excellence, all under the guidance of this exceptional young professional.

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