Link Legal and Dentons Announce Historic Combination

Dentons would join up with an Indian legal firm to become the first worldwide law firm, providing the new entity a competitive edge in panel competitions around the world.

This is a combination as Dentons has done globally to create a single, integrated worldwide firm; it is not a joint venture, best friends’ relationship, liaison licence, merger, or acquisition.

Dentons’ distinctive “polycentric” structure, based on a Swiss verein, aims to uncover the good aspects of a partnership and enables Dentons to collaborate with top-tier companies in numerous jurisdictions while adhering to local legal and regulatory standards.

This has made it possible for Dentons to expand, eventually opening 215 offices in 83 nations.

One of the top Indian companies expanding abroad is Link Legal, which has opened an office in New York and is looking at a number of other cities.

As a first-mover, Link Legal represents the several sizable, rapidly expanding Indian businesses that are going global as India surpasses the United States in population in 2023.

Law Firm Combination

With its distinctive, polycentric business model, Dentons, the largest global law firm and a pioneer in more nations than any other law firm in the history of the legal profession, was the obvious choice for Link Legal to get in touch with, in order to work together to better represent its clients outside of India.

An established physical presence in five of India’s six main cities—Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, and Hyderabad—would be made possible by the combination with Link Legal.

Dentons lawyers would represent Link Legal’s clients outside of India, and Dentons Link Legal Indian lawyers would represent those clients inside India, creating one business compliant with Indian laws and regulations.

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