Key Performance Indicators Every CMO Should Monitor

The job of a marketing director is not an easy job because you need to be constantly active with your marketing campaign and manage your marketing strategy accordingly. We have prepared a list of performance KPIs for everyone, which are excellent indicators of the work and plan of your marketing strategy and to which you should adhere.

Presence on social networks 

This is a very important indicator that shows you in an excellent way in which direction and to what extent you should go in order to achieve your marketing goal. Regularly check the engagement of the audience and customers on your social networks, and that way, you can see if you need to add or remove some social networks because maybe your campaign is not intended for a specific group that dominates a social network and that is not your target group. Check if your content is appropriate for the social network you are posting on because the same content cannot be on TikTok and LinkedIn, but you have to adapt your marketing material to your social network in particular, as well as to the target groups in particular.

Cost per click CPC

In this way, you effectively check the effect of your marketing campaign, and this is a great indicator of that. Cost per click measures the cost of your campaign in relation to performance. For example, if you spent $2,000 on your campaign and received 4,000 clicks, that would mean that each click cost you $0.50 per click. The lower the CPC, the better your campaign is because, in this way, you get more clicks for less money spent. Try to optimize your performance by trying to reduce your CPC, and you will do this by targeting the right group who will like your ad and who will click on it to find out more information you will try to test ads and keywords to see how you would make the most effective combination. Also, improve the quality of your content and shape it according to the target group that contributes the most to you, as you will achieve a successful combination in your mission to reduce CPC and attract the largest audience with as much money as possible.


Check how engaged your followers are on social networks and other platforms you use. Are there comments, and under which ads are reactions recorded about your product or service? Are you getting phone calls for additional questions or messages on your company profiles and shares that have occurred after the post? You can also see how many clicks you have on the links you have connected and also that it is possible to check how much time your potential customers or clients have spent on your website. For easy monitoring of all indicators, it would be best to use the CMO performance dashboard, which will easily manage your business in marketing and will help you have all the results you need in one place. Keep in mind that the number of followers is also a very good indication to check if your post was successful or if it led to a decrease in followers. Take all these parameters into consideration and create your next steps accordingly.

Conversion rate

This means that you can check from how many clicks a real number of followers made a purchase of a product or service, which is the essence of everything and the entire campaign you run. You can check this data to refine your strategies and improve conversion rates. By collaborating with a fractional CMO agency, you can gain expert insights to optimize these metrics. This partnership ensures that your marketing efforts are both efficient and effective.

You can check this KPI with different tools for checking conversions, such as Google Analytics, and the conversion rate is calculated by dividing the number of visits by the number of conversions and then multiplying that number by a hundred. You can also follow the analytics on other platforms and via email, that is, wherever sales are made. If you see that the results are not good, try to optimize the conversion so that you reduce costs by optimizing advertising or increasing income, that is, the value of transactions.

Organic traffic growth

This is one of the best KPI indicators and a result that every company wants to achieve. After successful marketing campaigns, the increase in organic traffic on our websites and other platforms is an ideal thing because it means that our product or service has become recognized and will be well placed on Google and other platforms, as people will search for us and look for our site specifically without having stumbled upon one of our advertisements.

Return on investment

The goal of your entire campaign is to earn as much money as possible in order to return the invested money. When the campaign is over, and during the campaign, it is very important to keep track of the income you bring in and the results you get. There are formulas that you can use for calculation, and they are very simple; the result you get is important because if it is positive, then you will know that your business has earned you more than you invested, and you will be able to continue your business.

User experience

The satisfaction of your customers is an important KPI indicator that shows that the purchase of services or products went well and that your customers are satisfied. Try to get ratings from your customers, where they will give their honest opinion or any kind of feedback on your marketing campaign. Check through surveys to see if they are satisfied with the visual presentation and what attracted them to buy the product or hire the service

The quality of our work refers to the quality and monitoring of our marketing strategy and all the marketing elements that come with it. It is important to do our best and apply as many methods as possible in order to increase sales as much as we can and satisfy ourselves with success. We hope that with this list, we have managed to present to you the KPIs that you will apply and which work will lead you to a great business achievement. 

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