Intellitek Systems Announces Launch of Accountancy Solution

Accountancy is the measurement, processing, and communication of financial and non financial information about economic entities such as businesses and corporations.

To help accountancy firms tackle digital transformation for both themselves and their clients, while also enhancing the profitability of their practices, Intellitek Systems today announced the launch of its Accounting Partner Centre of Excellence.

Accounting firms, payroll providers, and other business advisory professionals who join the Intellitek Systems Accounting Partner Centre of Excellence are eligible to re-sell Intellitek’s ERP, CRM, payroll, and accounting software white labelled and customised to match the partner’s brand.

In addition to revenue generated from offering the software solutions, partners will receive referrals from Intellitek Systems and have opportunities to further increase revenue opportunities by optionally offering software implementation services and receiving referrals from Intellitek Systems and fellow partners for their standard accounting, payroll, or advisory services.

“By expanding our accounting partner program into a full-fledged Center of Excellence, Intellitek’s network of accounting, tax, and business advisory professionals will have access to Intellitek Systems’ more than a decade-long experience of delivering leading ERP, CRM, accounting, and payroll technologies.

Likewise, Intellitek will benefit from having a network of trusted advisors that we can be confident will service our clients with the same level of excellence and integrity that we ourselves provide,” commented Matthew May, Founder and Chief Project Engineer at Intellitek Systems.

Integrating your company’s business processes and industry best practices into traditional packaged software is either an extremely expensive or outright impossible proposition. That is what separates IntelliTek Systems from the rest of the software industry.

Unlike the old guard software companies, IntelliTek Systems combines our practical business knowledge with your business processes to develop technology solutions that work the way you work. Technology should make running a business easier, not more complex.

That is IntelliTek Systems philosophy, and that philosophy is reflected in all of our custom-designed and developed solutions.

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