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Insights: The biggest mergers and acquisitions of all time

With the recent news regarding Rupert Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox offering to sell Sky News to Disney, we look back at the biggest mergers and acquisitions of all time.

On Dec. 14, 2017, American multimedia and entertainment conglomerate the Walt Disney Company announced its acquisition of the Rupert Murdoch-owned 21st Century Fox, which would include their film and television studios as well as its 39 percent stake in Sky. The deal is valued at $52.4 billion.

All deal values are approximate.

CVS Health — Aetna (December 2017)

Acquirer: CVS Health
Target: Aetna
Current name: NA
Deal value: $77 billion

Dow Chemical — DuPont (September 2017)

Acquirer: Dow Chemical
Target: DuPont
Current name: DowDuPont
Deal value: $130 billion

AB InBev — SABMiller (October 2015)

Acquirer: AB InBev
Target: SABMiller
Current name: Anheuser-Busch InBev
Deal value: $107 billion

Dell — EMC (October 2015)

Acquirer: Dell
Target: EMC
Current name: Dell Inc.
Deal value: $67 billion

Heinz — Kraft Foods (March 2015)

Acquirer: H.J. Heinz
Target: Kraft Foods Group Inc.
Current name: Kraft Heinz Company
Deal value: $45 billion

Charter Communications — Time Warner Cable (May 2015)

Acquirer: Charter Communications
Target: Time Warner Cable
Current name: Time Warner Cable
Deal value: $78.7 billion

AT&T — DirecTV (May 2014)

Acquirer: AT&T
Target: DirecTV
Current name: AT&T Inc.
Deal value: $48.5 billion

Verizon Communications — Verizon Wireless Inc (September 2013)

Acquirer: Verizon Communications
Target: Verizon Wireless Inc
Current name: Verizon Communications
Deal value: $130 billion

Pfizer — Wyeth (January 2009)

Acquirer: Pfizer
Target: Wyeth
Current name: Pfizer Inc.
Deal value: $68 billion

InBev — Anheuser-Busch (July 2008)

Acquirer: InBev
Target: Anheuser-Busch
Current name: Anheuser-Busch InBev
Deal value: $52 billion

RFS Holdings BV — ABN AMRO (April 2007)

Acquirer: Fortis, Royal Bank of Scotland, Santander Group
Target: ABN AMRO Holding
Current name: ABN AMRO
Deal value: $98 billion

AT&T — BellSouth Corporation (March 2006)

Acquirer: AT&T
Target: BellSouth Corporation
Current name: AT&T Inc.
Deal value: $86 billion

Sanofi-Synthelabo — Aventis (January 2004)

Acquirer: Sanofi-Synthelabo
Target: Aventis
Current name: Sanofi S.A.
Deal value: $65 billion

Pfizer — Pharmacia (July 2002)

Acquirer: Pfizer
Target: Pharmacia Corp.
Current name: Pfizer Inc.
Deal value: $60 billion

Comcast — AT&T Broadband (July 2001)

Acquirer: Comcast
Target: AT&T Broadband
Current name: Comcast Corporation
Deal value: $72 billion

Glaxo Wellcome — SmithKline Beecham (January 2000)

Acquirer: Glaxo Wellcome
Target: SmithKline Beecham
Current name: GlaxoSmithKline PLC
Deal value: $76 billion

America Online — Time Warner (January 2000)

Acquirer: America Online (AOL)
Target: Time Warner
Current name: AOL Inc.
Deal value: $165 billion

Vodafone AirTouch — Mannesmann (February 2000)

Acquirer: Vodafone AirTouch
Target: Mannesmann
Current name: Vodafone Group PLC
Deal value: $198 billion

Pfizer — Warner Lambert (November 1999)

Acquirer: Pfizer
Target: Warner-Lambert
Current name: Pfizer Inc.
Deal value: $90 billion

Exxon — Mobil (December 1998)

Acquirer: Exxon
Target: Mobil
Current name: Exxon Mobil Corp.
Deal value: $81 billion

Bell Atlantic — GTE (July 1998)

Acquirer: Bell Atlantic
Target: GTE Corp.
Current name: Verizon Communications, Inc.
Deal value: $65 billion

SBC Communications — Ameritech (May 1998)

Acquirer: SBC Communications
Target: AT&T Teleholdings, Inc.
Current name: AT&T Inc.
Deal value: $62 billion

Citicorp — Travelers Group (April 1998)

Acquirer: Citicorp
Target: Travelers Group
Current name: Citigroup Inc.
Deal value: $70 billion

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