Jehan Crump-Gibson

In Metro Detroit, a Newly-Opened Powerhouse Law Office

In the metro Detroit area, Jehan Crump-Gibson and Ayanna Alcendor have teamed up to form the formidable law company Great Lakes Legal Group PLLC. Beginning in 2018, the minority women-owned law company will provide one-stop assistance to a variety of clientele.

Crump-Gibson has a wealth of experience thanks to her three times selection as a rising star by the Michigan Super Lawyers Magazine. Jehan graduated from Michigan State University with a double bachelor’s degree in political science and English before pursuing her juris doctor at Wayne State University Law School.

Crump-Gibson spent some time operating her own law company after graduating from law school, C&G Solutions, before partnering with Alcendor. She won the Martindale Hubbell® Client Distinction Award in 2015 and 2016 and was named one of the “40 under 40” by the Michigan Chronicle. Crump-Gibson was admitted to practise law in Michigan and before the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan in 2017, and in that same year, United States Senator Gary Peters appointed her to the Michigan Senate Judicial Advisory Committee.

Few Local Boutique Law Firms

Alcendor also boasts a wealth of professional expertise. Alcendor, who graduated from Western Michigan Thomas M. Cooley Law School in 2013, worked as an intern at Crump-Gibson’s legal counsel, C&G Solutions. She also worked as an intern for Judge Mark A. Randon in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan, as well as for the Wayne County prosecutor’s office, the state appellate defender’s office, and a few local boutique law firms.

She worked for Ernst & Young in the Detroit office as a client servicing associate. Prior to joining Crump-Gibson, Alcendor established her own practise, Allied Legal Consulting, PLC.

We had the chance to talk with these two vivacious women about what motivated them to found their own business in the metro Detroit area. We touched on the distinctive skill sets that they as a team collectively contribute to the firm as well as the services that their new firm will specialise in. View the interview below and leave a comment below to share your thoughts on this minority-owned, women-owned law practise.

Minority Women Owners

The change you wish to see must start with you. This is why we believed that establishing the company was so crucial. Minority women are still underrepresented in equity roles in law firms and across the board in the legal profession.

A law practise like Great Lakes Legal Group, which is majority-owned by women of colour, is ideally situated to support the ongoing efforts to redress this gap. Diversity in the legal profession is essential, and minority women serving in such important leadership positions are essential. The communities we serve are directly impacted by this diversification.

We are accountable for these roles. You must leave the door to the room open so that anyone entering behind you can enter, as crucial as it is to command a seat at the table. We accomplish this by keeping the pipeline fed. The industry may be more diverse by hiring talented young women of colour and giving them exposure opportunities in businesses.


In the heart of Metro Detroit, a new legal beacon shines brightly. The Powerhouse Law Office combines a diverse team of legal professionals, a client-centred approach, technological innovation, educational initiatives, and community engagement to redefine the practice of law. As the firm continues to make strides in the legal arena, it is poised to not only achieve its mission but also set new standards for legal excellence in the region. As Detroit evolves, so does its legal landscape, thanks to the powerhouse that is the Powerhouse Law Office.

Great Lakes Legal Group PLLC Information:

You can learn more about the owners’ histories, our services, and the regions we serve there in detail. To stay in touch with us, you can subscribe to our newsletter on the homepage. Our social media handles are @gllegalgroup on Twitter and @gllegalgroup on Instagram.

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