How to Design an Employee ID Card that Reflects Your Company Brand

What’s brand identity? A common question asked by many, yet every business struggles with establishing it, and many are confused about whether it’s really necessary or not. Well, in today’s competitive market, it’s something every business should strive for, as your future client base will associate your brand with the image they have in their heads. One way of achieving this is by thinking of the visual representation of your company through the design of employee identification cards. Yes, these cards convey a certain message to customers, an idea, culture, and professionalism. In the text below, we’ll talk about how to reflect your company’s brand through something as simple as an ID card.

Understand Your Company’s Brand Identity

Understanding your company’s identity? You’ve probably asked yourself, what are we blabbing about? Well, first, try to define your company’s overall goals! Your brand identity encompasses the essence of your company, including its mission, vision, values, and unique selling points. Take the necessary time to go through all of these topics. One by one, until you finally define each of these aspects. Once you’ve established your brand’s personality and voice, it’s time to visualise it. The ID card will therefore have a different colour palette, typography, and other visual elements. The logo plays a crucial role in all of this, so spend as much as needed to create something truly unique.

Incorporate Brand Elements

Next on the list is incorporating all the company’s elements into the card. As your company, as said, has a clear message and vision, it’s important to visualise this in the form of a card, but the card should also have all the necessary information a customer needs. For example, email, phone number, address, and other contact information are preferred to be seen on the card for obvious reasons. Quite a number of companies are specialised when it comes to these finer details. It’s important to ask for someone reliable; as the folks at ID Card Centre explain, the goal is to always make sure that the customer receives the best possible experience and the highest-quality final product on the market. They can also help you choose the right form and colour and give suggestions that you might consider.

Choose Colours Wisely

It’s common knowledge that colours affect our emotions, how we feel, and even sometimes how we think. The implementation of the right colours on your ID cards can have a serious impact on your customers. Bright colours might be associated with warmth and a welcoming attitude, which is why customers could feel more secure and “at home” when going around your stores. Also, try to match the whole uniform of the employees with the ID cards and look for ways to incorporate the card as subtly as possible into the whole outfit.

Typography and Fonts

Yes, the font of the letters, their shape, length, thickness, and more are all things to keep in mind. The overall goal is to make them visible but also readable. No matter how beautiful a certain font might seem to you, if the customer has a difficult time reading it, then it’s of no use. Therefore, make sure to use something simple and consider things such as legibility as well. And, also, use consistent style and size throughout the card.

Information Hierarchy and Organisation

The whole point of an ID card is to transmit the necessary information to the customer as simply as possible. So, it’s crucial to include everything! The layout should be organised in a manner that reveals the most important things at the top, such as name, job title, and company logo, and then you can include other things at the bottom, like a photo and maybe contact details. Also, make sure the ID number is somewhere there, but it shouldn’t take a prominent position.

Security Features

Employee ID cards also serve as a security measure within the company. So, incorporate security features to ensure the card’s authenticity and prevent unauthorised access. For example, you could consider using holographic overlays, barcodes, magnetic strips, or smart chips to enhance security levels. These features not only protect the company but also give employees a sense of trust and confidence. And it also gives out a sense of professionalism to your customers, as they’ll be more than satisfied with the fact that your business takes care of smaller details such as employee ID cards. It shows you pay close attention to every aspect of the business and seek constant improvement.

We hope you’ll find these tips more than helpful. Make sure to follow the steps with care and attention, and also have patience, as it might take a few attempts to make the perfect card. 

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