How Timberland Boots Got to Be a Mainstay In New York City

Timberland boots are a mainstay of New York City, whether you’re a construction worker or a rapper watching a game trying to trip a referee. But it’s more than simply a reliable boot that matches everything; it makes a statement.

The VF Corporation owns Timberland LLC, an American outdoor footwear manufacturer and retailer that was established in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1952.

The corporate offices of Timberland are situated in Stratham, New Hampshire.

But how did this whole shoe addiction start? How did a seemingly unimportant movement that began in New York spread to hip-hop and urban culture as a whole?

Being as active as a New Yorker requires some tough support. What is one thing that people who essentially have to walk or take the train everywhere can genuinely rely on? Their Timberlands, that’s correct.

You now realise that these are more than just boots. They endure over time and stand for something far greater and more meaningful.

A decent pair of Timberland boots will never let you down, as any New Yorker knows. Abington’s “Timberland” boots gained such a following that the shoemaker chose to rename the business as Timberland in 1978.

Because so many legendary rappers co-signed them during the Timberlands wave’s peak in New York in the 1990s, it is impossible to say who actually originated it.

They cherished the boots for their toughness, but they weren’t the only ones. Drug traffickers in urban New York started wearing the shoe more frequently because they needed a sturdy, waterproof boot to stand on the corner in. Timberland attempted to remove itself from the urban market, much like many other companies before them who weren’t particularly happy with their urban appeal.

But how could they stop drug traffickers from getting their hands on the shoe? Near New York, they essentially stopped offering the Original 6-Inch Boot. But narcotics traffickers are tenacious.

At this point, the relationship to the most well-known hip-hop figures from the 1990s ought to be obvious.

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