How Apps Help with Small Business Productivity

Small business productivity is a cornerstone of competition. Without it, business stagnates, and profits are lost. Of course, it isn’t easy to keep up the momentum. But as with anything these days, there are apps for that, from team collaboration to automated processes with artificial intelligence. None of these are hard to use, and here are some excellent reasons to begin.

Budget and Financial Management

Even as a business owner, manager, or CEO, financial management could be something that eludes you. This is why hiring a team or outsourcing is recommended. However, these can be too expensive for smaller companies. Specialist apps like an intuitive cleaning bid calculator can help keep budgets in line when it comes to providing estimates. Apps like Quickbooks make finances easier than ever by connecting to your bank account and even working out your taxes.

Better Team Collaboration

Productivity in most companies comes down to communication and collaboration. A business can run like a well-oiled machine when everyone is on the same page and projects are managed efficiently. Collaboration apps have core benefits such as saving time, conferencing anytime, and improving customer service via quick data access. Using apps like Asana and Trello is always a positive for businesses that rely on multiple teams or departments for projects.

Small Business Productivity via Gamification

A relatively new concept, gamification is the process of incorporating game-like elements into an app. The idea is that it makes it easier to use and understand and encourages engagement. Almost 80% of small businesses worry about productivity among employees. Gamified tools remove the monotony and tedium from otherwise dull processes and help workers become more productive. Rewards, points, and competition increase employee productivity with apps.

Automation and AI, Of Course

Of course, AI and automation are making a big impact on all sectors all over the world. From scheduling blog posts to writing company emails in seconds, AI is a valuable tool. However, it is also very misunderstood. AI can help streamline multiple management processes, including employee well-being and customer billing. Without AI tools such as Mint, Buffer, or Hootsuite, you run the risk of losing out to competitors who embrace AI systems and use them effectively.

Online Virtual Group Participation

Co-working is a great way to get more out of employees. When people work in groups, they learn from each other, collaborate and inspire. However, not everyone has the office space for this way of working, and your company may also rely on remote work. So what are you to do? Apps like Caveday offer online virtual spaces, similar to Zoom calls, where people work together towards common objectives. Caveday also offers focus group sessions and break scheduling.


Staying on budget and managing finances are just two ways apps help with small business productivity. Using gamified apps also helps workers gain more from typically complex processes by offering incentives such as rewards and points. For smaller teams and remote workers, there are also apps that provide virtual co-working spaces for productive sessions.


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