Guaranteed Publicity and Media Coverage

Public awareness or visibility for any good, service, individual, or company is referred to as publicity in the marketing industry. It may also refer to the dissemination of information to the wider public, frequently through the media.

Getting your story told in the media is a crucial component of public relations. Everyone wants earned media, which is what is meant by the term, from public relations strategies.

But obtaining an earned media story takes identifying the appropriate writer or journalists to approach. The process is challenging, but the reward is well worth it.

Instead of things you would be interested in publishing, journalists hunt for news that their readers would find credible and interesting.

Finding the proper journalist who would be interested in your story for their audiences is a crucial step in the earned media process, but this is never a guarantee. There is a strong reason why journalists and other media contacts don’t do “guaranteed” stories: doing so would mean ignoring what a journalist’s audience wants, which would be bad for their reputation.

You can learn how to convey your tale in a way that would be intriguing to media contacts as well as potential readers, even though you can’t guarantee media coverage. A compelling argument presented to the proper journalist will accomplish much more than a hollow guarantee of earned media.

Article Conclusion

Successful coverage involves finding a strategy to provide ongoing coverage for your business, not just landing a single feature. All of the connections you’ve been making with the media will come full circle at this point. They are more likely to cover you again since they already featured you previously.

Connect with journalists. Share leads you believe they’ll find interesting, leave comments on their articles, and follow them on social media. Maintain the connections you’ve made by working hard. You never know when you’ll have new information to report.

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