Gor Margaryan joins Advisory Excellence as the exclusive Corporate Tax member in Armenia

Advisory Excellence, the world’s leading exclusive network of advisory professionals & firms is delighted to introduce that Gor Margaryan has joined Advisory Excellence as our exclusive Corporate Tax member in Armenia.

Gor Margaryan is a Managing Partner in LEGELATA and practices Banking and Finance, Mergers and Acquisitions, Corporate and Tax, Arbitration and Litigation.

LEGELATA’s team guides companies through the whole life cycle of the latter. The firm negotiates and closes sophisticated transactions representing public and private institutions. LEGELATA helps to save on taxes as well as protect the clients in courtrooms from any excessive tax claims. The firm’s professional team applies their complex knowledge to serve all the needs of the corporate clients. The firm provides services in procedures of company registration at state authorities, as well as legal advice in most complicated tax and taxation related issues. LEGELATA also drafts any types of trade and commerce related agreements including contracts for any transactions with real estate.

Firm Overview:

Legelata is a law firm with a rich history of connecting businesses with the law across various industries in innovative and dynamic ways.

Legelata wins solutions for businesses involved in banking and finance, trade and logistics, health and pharmaceutical, life sciences and biotechnology, information technologies, and telecommunications.

We advise over highly complex issues connected with mergers and acquisitions, competition and intellectual property, foreign investments, tax, and corporate matters. Legelata represents clients in litigation and arbitration involving the most vital issues.

Our Outlook

Legelata’s team of young and purposeful lawyers has the principal goal of providing the highest quality legal services available anywhere …

Exceeding the expectations of and building long-term relationships with our clients and providing the best solution to our client’s legal needs are priority values in everything we do.

We always adopt innovative strategies and new and creative ways of doing things combined with proven traditional solutions. The prospect of staying an authority in the legal market and becoming the best always motivates us to intake fresh legal talents who drive Legelata forward.

We make continuous investments in our people, research, and development. Meantime we work as a team of individuals who are strongly connected with professional and, more importantly, with personal relations. We continually foster teamwork and integrate as whole management. We owe to and share our success with the team we have.

Gor Margaryan – Advisory Excellence

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