Name: Zoran Jovanović
Firm Name: Petrović Mojsić & Partners Law Firm
Country: Serbia
Expertise: Insurance Law

Telephone: +381 11 32 40 378
Fax: +381 11 3240 378
Email: zoran.jovanovic@law-firm.rs

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Professional Biography:

Zoran Jovanović is our exclusively recommended Insurance Law expert in Serbia on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Zoran directly using the contact details above.

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Zoran joined the law firm Petrovic Mojsic & Partners in 2017. Zoran has significant experience in insurance, arbitration and corporate governance.

In his business practice, for several years worked on positions such as: insurance manager in Energoprojekt RO Izgradnja, consultant for engineering acquisitions of the company “Dunav Re”, director of the insurance company Energoprojekt Garant a.d.o, director of insurance brokerage company Marsh d.o.o., chairman of the board of directors of Energoprojekt Garant a.d.o, executive director for legal affairs of Energoprojekt Holding, where he was responsible for insurance programs of Energoprojekt Holding and subsidiaries in the country and abroad. He is in possession of Insurance Broker license issued by the National Bank of Serbia.

Zoran Jovanović also has significant experience in the field of contract law and international contracts I.C.E. FIDIC.

Legal Services:

Petrović Mojsić & Partners can offer you tailor-made advice solutions to various queries. We provide legal support in a wide range of legal areas and industries.

The practise of insurance law can be directly influenced by external occurrences and phenomena, such as claims resulting from terrorism, war, piracy, or financial crises. Cases will come up in a wide range of situations, both contentious and non-contentious, and they will also include other countries.

An insurance attorney will determine whether or not their clients are eligible for or entitled to damages in connection with the warranties specified in the pertinent contracts. To create a credible picture of what occurred and provide their client or employer with the appropriate advice, they will gather information from a variety of sources. Additionally, they will negotiate and write insurance policies, address regulatory issues like the Duty of Disclosure, look into late payment damages, or for personal injury claims.