Name: Zahid Safi
Firm Name: RIAA Barker Gillette (AFG)
Country: Afghanistan
Expertise: Corporate Law

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Professional Biography:

Zahid Safi is our exclusively recommended Corporate Law expert in Afghanistan on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Zahid directly using the contact details above.

Endorsed by Advisory Excellence

Zahid has extensive experience of legal practice in Afghanistan and has been practicing law in Kabul since 2011. Zahid specialises in civil, corporate and commercial, labour, tax and telecommunication laws. He has acted as in-house counsel for ZTE as well as Etisalat and advises various NGOs including ICRC, MSF, CAI and Solidarity International on a number of labour law and regulatory matters.

Zahid advises multinational clients in respect of corporate matters, including compliance and regulatory requirements, government approvals, incorporation and registrations and licensing. He has conducted extensive reviews of the civil, commercial, customs, inheritance, labour, property and tax laws of Afghanistan.

Zahid has also advised a number of US and NATO contractors and subcontractors on the implementation of, and compliance with, the new requirements under BSA/SOFA (recently executed by the Government of Afghanistan).

Firm Overview:

A world of expertise and experience

RIAA Barker Gillette is a global alliance of leading international, industry-focused law firms, with a presence in eleven cities in the United Kingdom, United States, Middle East and Asia.

Before formalising our alliance, Barker Gillette LLP and RIAALAW enjoyed a long and successful referral history. In 2015, we formalised this prosperous arrangement under the umbrella alliance, RIAA Barker Gillette, bringing together both firms’ collective experience and expertise to provide a coordinated global legal service.

With a presence in the United States, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Afghanistan and China, RIAALAW brought the alliance its expertise in project finance, M&A, banking and corporate finance, intellectual property, international trade, and dispute resolution, with a specific industry focus on energy, telecommunications, infrastructure, mining and healthcare.