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Name: Yvonne Frederiksen
Firm Name: Norrbom Vinding I/S
Country: Denmark
Expertise: Labour & Employment Law

Telephone: +45 35 25 39 40
Fax: +45 35 25 39 50
Email: yf@norrbomvinding.com

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Professional Biography:

Yvonne Frederiksen is our exclusively recommended Labour & Employment Law expert in Denmark on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Yvonne directly using the contact details listed above.

Yvonne advises on all aspects of labour and employment law, but her areas of special interest are:

  • Discrimination – including advising clients on how to avoid discrimination claims, implementing policies and defending any claims, having extensive litigation experience in this area
  • All types of incentives
  • Industrial relations – including collective bargaining and dispute resolution
  • Wellfare law
  • Health and safety

Yvonne recently…

  • represented the employer in the high-profile case concerning obesity in the ‎workplace before the EU Court. The Court gave its ruling on 18 December 
  • conducted a landmark case in the Supreme Court concerning the scope of ‎an employer’s obligations in relation to employees who have a child with a ‎disability ‎
  • conducted another leading case in the Supreme Court concerning the issue ‎of whether it is in conflict with Denmark’s obligations under EU law that ‎Danish employers are not required to pay employees salary during a notice ‎period if they are on unpaid parental leave at the same time ‎
  • assisted a number of enterprises with revising their bonus and incentive programmes
  • completed a number of negotiation processes to renew collective bargaining agreements
  • advised enterprises on the consequences of the Danish Working Environment Authority’s decision to ‎change its practice regarding psychosocial working environment

Firm Overview:

Norrbom Vinding is a law firm which provides labour and employment law advice to employers in the public and private sectors.

We have made it our goal and our vision to always be the best labour and employment lawyers in Denmark and the natural first choice for employers and management.

We have found it important to achieve a size and a breadth which means that we have specialists in our firm who are not just experts in the legal specialities we cover, but also experts in most industries.

Today, we are regarded as the market leader in our field – a fact we pride ourselves on – and we operate nationally as well as internationally; internationally through a number of collaborative firms, including the Ius Laboris alliance, which offers 1300 specialised labour and employment lawyers in 44 countries.