Yuthana PHOTO
Name: Yuthana Promsin
Firm Name: Juslaws & Consult
Country: Thailand
Expertise: Dispute Resolution

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Professional Biography:

Yuthana Promsin is our exclusively recommended Dispute Resolution expert in Thailand on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Yuthana directly using the contact details listed above.

Yuthana is the co-founder and chairman of the international law firm Juslaws. He is well known internationally and locally due to his experience and expertise gained during the past 17 years as one of the top corporate attorneys and litigators in the Kingdom of Thailand.

Yuthana graduated from Ramkhamhaeng University in 1996, and was admitted as a member of the Thai Bar in 1998, obtaining a license to practice law from the Lawyers Council of Thailand the same year. Yuthana completed his Master’s in Business Law from Ramkhamhaeng University in 2003.

Yuthana also obtained his Certificate from the Lawyers Council of Thailand in Tax Planning and Tax Litigation in 2009, a Certificate from Lawyers Council of Thailand in International Commercial Arbitration in 2010, and a Certificate from Lawyers Council of Thailand in International Commercial Arbitration, Constitutional Law, and Administrative Law in 2010.

Yuthana Promsin works fluently in both the English and Thai languages at the Juslaws office in Bangkok.

Firm Overview:

Juslaws & Consult International Law Firm is an innovative, independent international law firm, dealing almost exclusively with international clients, who seek legal advice to start business in Thailand. We support in areas including: business affairs, corporate matters, tax issues, risk management, structuring and restructuring of company entities suitable to different types of business, criminal and civil disputes, litigation or arbitration in the Kingdom of Thailand. You always can contact our team of lawyers in Bangkok and Phuket offices.

We are committed to our client’s success and therefore, every task we undertake is geared towards this achievement. For this reason, we provide our clients with effective and prompt responses to their primary legal concerns and we create a well-rounded team to work on their behalf. Our client service standards affirm our commitment to prioritise the needs of our clients and to ensure excellence in all that we do. We also maintain complete confidentiality in all records and remarks pertaining to the client’s matter. We strictly uphold the Attorney-Client relationship.