Name: Yusuf Penezoğlu
Firm Name: Penezoğlu Law Firm
Country: Turkey
Expertise: Tax Law

Telephone: +90 212 741 4141
Fax: +90 212 741 4143

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Professional Biography:

Yusuf Penezoğlu is our exclusively recommended Tax Law expert in Turkey on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Yusuf directly using the contact details listed above.

Yusuf has mainly focused his career on the field of tax law, and with his experience in this field of more than 20 years, he produces ingenious and result-oriented solutions to all kinds of tax problems of domestic and foreign companies that are in dominant positions in their own markets, with a tax lawyer perspective. Through his career journey, he gained extensive experience with the collaborations he established with international consultancy companies and assumed managerial and partnership positions in these companies for more than ten years.

In addition to tax law, he has carried out pioneering works in the fields of company restructuring, capital markets law, and real estate law. With the law firm he has founded, he offers his experiences to his clients under an independent roof and aims to add value to his clients, especially with his proactive approach.

Firm Overview:

Penezoğlu Law Firm is a specialist law firm providing tax and legal services:

  • Tax Controversy Services
  • Tax Inspection Management Services
  • International Tax Services
  • Restructuring Services (Tax Free Mergers / Spin Offs)
  • Real Estate Law
  • Company Law
  • Labour & Employment Law
  • Capital Markets and Banking Law

With its young and active population, dynamic free market economy as well as its economy’s strong performance over the  past decade and future growth potential, Turkey offers abundant business opportunities for global firms across diverse sectors.

Turkey has achieved a much better investment climate in recent years, as a result of effective economic and social policies, growth-friendly monetary and fiscal policies, the new Turkish commercial code, new incentive program, and a solid financial industry.

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