Name: Yukitsuna Takekoshi
Firm Name: AI-EI Law Firm
Country: Japan
Expertise: Arbitration

Telephone: +813 6205 8042
Fax: +813 3519 5595

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Professional Biography:

Yukitsuna Takekoshi is our exclusively recommended Arbitration expert in Japan on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Yukitsuna directly using the contact details listed above.

AI-EI law firm was established by Michihiro MORI with some attorneys mainly from Nishimura & Asahi. The office has expertise in dispute resolution, especially civil and commercial litigation,
as well as labour and employment matters.

Providing Practical Strategies:

Our firm provides a practical strategy based on vast experience. Our goal is not just to give an “legally correct” advice but to achieve a best solution for the client.
We provide a best strategy to achieve such goal using extensive knowledge and wide variety of experience.

Flexibility to Resolve Problems:

With a wide variety of experience and achievement, including several litigations worth tens of billions of yen, debt collection of over 100 billion yen claim, some billions of M&A related disputes and so forth. We can propose several options to achieve goal, utilising not only litigation and other kinds of legal proceeding but also ADR and other kinds of methods outside of the court.

Flexible Fee Structure at The Level of Top Law Firm:

It sometimes happens that overmanning in large law firms leads to high cost. We utilise our limited resources effectively to ensure efficient processes, and can provide clients with flexible fee arrangements.

Responding to Cross-Border Cases:

We have several bilingual lawyers and staffs to handle international business. We have various experience including submission of expert opinion in foreign litigations and international arbitration cases.