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Name: Youssry Saleh
Firm Name: Youssry Saleh Law Firm
Country: Egypt
Expertise: Insolvency & Restructuring Law

Telephone: 02 22622002
Fax: 02 22622009
Email: [email protected]

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Professional Biography:

Mr. Youssry Saleh is a Supreme Court attorney, arbitrator and mediator with 30 years of experience in Egyptian as well as international law. His expertise lies in IP, commercial law, mediation and arbitration, private equity, commercial contracts and deals, tax, corporate recovery and insolvency.

Mr. Youssry Saleh has a broad-ranging arbitration and litigation practice in Egypt, representing clients in complex high-value, multi-jurisdictional disputes. He is a frequent attendee of BOD meetings in numerous local and multinational organizations where he is asked to consult top management and shareholders, and at times make decisions on behalf of a chairman or CEO. Because of his talent to weigh the issue properly and tailor the case to best ‘fit’ the client, Mr. Youssry Saleh has established long-lasting, trustful and strong relationships with his clients.

Nowadays, founded and led by him, Youssry Saleh Law Firm, represents interests of large corporations, factories and plants, agricultural companies, pharmaceutical distributors in Egypt as well as on international arena.

About Our Firm:

Youssry Saleh Law Firm, established in 1985 is a full-service law firm in Egypt, which has gained a strong reputation for supporting businesses in a wide range of industries as well as helping individual clients.

Today, the law Firm provides integrated service to the clients throughout the Middle East, helping them cover their current business needs and requirements. The Firm also represents its clients in locations that their businesses take them to as well as SMEs (small/medium enterprises) in emerging industries and markets.

Youssry Saleh Law Firm, founded and led by Mr. Youssry Saleh, an experienced Supreme Court attorney-at-law, offers a well-structured, cross-disciplinary team of experienced attorneys who create synergy and provide our clients with needed depth of knowledge, breadth of experience and responsive service, so critical for the resolution of clients’ issues and meeting key business objectives.

Recent economic developments in Egypt have introduced a need for development of law firms in Egypt. Therefore, our law firm has been attending and following the economic change by re-developing itself in order to serve foreign clients with the best and fast solutions. We have been engaged in a marketing research in order to better understand requirements of the clients and their needs in order to provide them with legal framework reports to facilitate understanding of each and every legal step to be taken in order to establish businesses in Egypt.

As business and law go hand in hand, the Law Firm has a strong business development team that has a strong experience in business sector cooperating with the legal department in order to provide the best legal advice for the clients.

Our uncompromising commitment to quality, dedication to understanding business, economic, political and economic environments as well as culture of our clients lead to recognized results and achievements.

The Firm’s strength rises from its long-standing client relationships which can be described as collaborative, professional and value-oriented. Our approach which contributes to the success is more than natural-‘make your clients’ problems, your problem’ and provide ‘best fit’ solutions through ‘best practice’ ones.

With the vision of becoming one of the best law firms in the world and while being among the best law firms in Egypt, our attorneys as well as business team are following changes and updates in laws, regulations, economics happening in Egypt as well as following the development and direction of the law firms around the world.

We offer professional legal and business advice across a wide range of practice areas, focusing on but not limited to commercial and business law; we combine technical expertise and emphasis on the nuances of commercial and regulatory environments in which our clients’ operate to better tailor solutions for our clients.

Our Approach:

Prior to undertaking a case, we evaluate the legal standpoint of the case at hand in order to avoid giving false assurance and promise which at times lead to extra costs for the client

Our goal is to serve as a trusted adviser to our clients providing the support they need to thrive in dynamic economic environment. Therefore, we provide ‘best fit’ solutions by way of implementing ‘best practice’ and tailoring individual solutions for each client/or matter. On such grounds, we hire and train young, talented lawyers as well as seasoned and experienced experts in the field. This diversity allows for synergy and creation of cross-disciplinary teams which provide multi-focal insights on a given matter in a proper time.

Our approach focuses on clients’ business fields and environments ensuring delivery of sound legal advice to accommodate our client’s industrial or commercial requirements and whatever the case may be.

Guiding Principles:

From its inception Youssry Saleh Law Firm, has been guided by values and principles which allowed building a strong reputation in the field as well as establishing long-lasting business relationships with the clients. By consistently following and acting upon our principles and core values, the Firm has been delivering quality solutions satisfying clients’ needs.

Client Service
– Client’s need is paramount. We must be there when the client needs us.
– Client’s interest is tirelessly pursued till the end within the bounds of professional ethics.
– We closely work with our clients to ensure that our services are focused on the matters of greatest importance to the client.
– Our focus is on long-term relationships with our clients.
– We thrive to exceed clients’ needs by constantly improving efficiency.

– Our goal is to provide outstanding service, ‘excellent’ is the way.
– We are committed to continuous improvement of our services and the team.
– It is of primary importance to be able to provide our clients with the right quality, depth and scale of resources which would perfectly meet their needs.
– We hold an obligation to represent the entire legal profession.

– The core of our approach is synergy. Our experts and professionals in various practice fields share knowledge, expertise and experience seamlessly and efficiently to provide the best integrated solution to the clients’ problem.
– We encourage teamwork and collaboration inside as well as outside of the Firm to provide a strong knowledge base for the solution of the issue.

Human Capital
– Human capital is the key to success; therefore, we hire and collaborate with exceptional, motivated, experienced people who deeply believe in our values and principles.
– Respect and dignity guide the relationships inside and outside of the Firm.
– Youssry Saleh provides opportunities for the development and advancement of its members recognizing and appreciating needs of everyone.

– Youssry Saleh is a full-service law firm striving to provide efficient and effective legal services to its clients in the MENA region, meeting the clients’ key business objectives and exceeding expectations. Fully dedicated team of experienced attorneys and an extended network of experts offer outmost attention, deep concern and valuable time in order to provide best possible solution for the client.