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Name: Wossen Bokan
Firm Name: Teshome Gabre-Mariam Bokan Metasebia
Country: Ethiopia
Expertise: Corporate Law

Telephone: +251 11 551-8484
Fax: +251 11-551-3500
Email: WossenT@tgmblawoffice.com

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Professional Biography:

Wossen Bokan is our exclusively recommended Corporate Law expert in Ethiopia on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Wossen directly using the contact details listed above.

Endorsed by Advisory Excellence

Based in Addis Ababa, Teshome Gabre-Mariam Bokan Metasebia provides a full range of general consultancy services in connection with business and investment in Ethiopia.

All legal services provided are rendered by registered and licensed Ethiopian lawyers retained for the purpose by this Firm, in accordance with the laws of Ethiopia.

This Consultancy Firm is named after Mr. Teshome Gabre-Mariam Bokan under whom the Managing Director, Wossen Bokan, has been trained for over a decade. An impressive leading Ethiopian lawyer who also happens to be the first Attorney

General of Ethiopia under Emperor Haile-Selassie, Teshome was a prominent figure and passionate lover of Ethiopia. He is the father of the Managing Director.

Wossen Teshome Bokan Plc and its registered lawyers have built up a substantial practice in corporate matters, commercial transactions, intellectual property and employment law.

Foreign Investment:

Ethiopia has become one of the fastest growing economies in Africa attracting major foreign investment. We assist companies, interested investors with registration of their companies, whether as a branch, subsidiary, a representative office, an international contractor or subcontractor.

The Firm is specialising in all aspects of intellectual property matters.

We have a qualified team dealing with prosecution of trademarks, industrial designs and patents, before the Ethiopian Intellectual Property Office.

We also have experienced litigation lawyers, should there be any infringement of your intellectual property rights in Ethiopia.

In addition to being an Intellectual Property Firm, we provide a range of services to new and existing foreign companies, or individuals, investing in any business sector in Ethiopia.

We assist in forming and registering new companies but we also assist in winding-up and deregistration of those companies that wish not to operate in Ethiopia anymore.

For this, we have a selected team of lawyers each specialising in particular laws of Ethiopia.