Name: Vo Thien Hien
Country: Vietnam
Expertise: Litigation

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Professional Biography:

Vo Thien Hien is our exclusively recommended Litigation expert in Vietnam on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Vo Thien directly using the contact details listed above.

Advisory Excellence Digital Certificate of Excellence

Lawyer Vo Thien Hien is a founder and Managing Partner of Apolo Lawyers – Solicitors & Litigators. He is a Lawyer who belongs to Ho Chi Minh City Bar Association, under Vietnam Bar Federation. Before founding Apolo Lawyers, Lawyer Vo Thien Hien has many years of experience in providing legal services in Viet Nam, acting as a Litigator at one of the top 10 Law firms in Vietnam. His expertise is in dispute settlement related to Finance – Banking and Contract.

Currently, with 20 years of experience in providing legal services and litigation, Lawyer Vo Thien Hien has built a solid foothold on his career path. He has deep expertise in legal areas such as: commercial, finance–banking, contract for the international sale of goods, insurance, maritime, marriage involving foreign elements, etc. He has specialised in many cases at Court at all levels in Vietnam, concurrently, he has also handled cases in Commercial Arbitration.

Most foreign Clients of Lawyer Vo Thien Hien are corporations, multinational companies involving international insurance, iron and steel corporations, retail and supermarket business groups, medical equipment multinationals, and information technology corporations.

With many years of experience and dedication, always putting the interests of Clients as a priority, Lawyers Vo Thien Hien has brought success to many enterprises which are multinational enterprises in Japan, France, Singapore, Germany, America, Russia, Spain, etc. Remarkably, Lawyer Vo Thien Hien has successfully protected the rights and interests of Client which are a multinational enterprise in France in a dispute with a Vietnamese company, with a dispute value is over a thousand million USD; successfully protected the interests and rights of Client is the Insurance company from Switzerland, helped Client avoid the loss of one million USD; successfully defended the Client from Russia at Commercial Arbitration with the value of the dispute is over half a million USD, etc. Concurrently, Lawyers Vo Thien Hien has handled many domestic Clients, and he is a person who directly participated in providing legal opinions and acted as a Litigator, and successfully protected the rights of Clients.

Firm Overview:

APOLO LAWYERS – Solicitors & Litigators is one of Vietnam’s top law firms in litigation. Concurrently, Apolo Lawyers works powerfully in other fields such as M&A, Commercial, Investment, Enterprises, etc. With a team containing 08 Lawyers and 30 Legal Assistances, Apolo Lawyers has not stopped developing. In 2022, Apolo Lawyers has successfully provided legal consultation for 10 enterprises about M&A; consulted and carried out the procedure for investment in Vietnam of more than 100 foreign investors; simultaneously Apolo Lawyers appointed Lawyers to participate in litigation to protect the right and interests of the client with the entire value of disputes up to several trillion VND.

With the key factor of operation is putting the interest of the Client as a priority, Apolo Lawyers always strives to bring the best services, ensure the legal rights and interests of Clients, and bring the highest satisfaction to our Clients.

Along with other legal services, Apolo Lawyers has also succeeded in the “Family Lawyers” service that many Clients trust and choose when they want to implement the procedure for divorce involving foreign elements, child custody, child support, visitation, division of common property, prenuptial agreement and marital consequences, wills, and inheritance.