Manuel Hernadez
Name: Vilches Abogados
Country: Spain
Expertise: Family Law

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Professional Biography:

Manuel Hernández is our exclusively recommended Family Law expert in Spain on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Manuel directly using the contact details listed above.

Endorsed by Advisory Excellence

My name is Manuel Hernández, Lawyer of the Madrid Bar Association, and managing partner of the Vilches Abogados Law Firm, and it is a pleasure to welcome you to our website, hoping that at some point we can get to know each other and help you with your conflicts, doubts or legal problems.

During my life as a  legal professional  and as a founding partner of the  Vilches Abogados Law Firm in Madrid  , I have understood law as a professional activity in which treatment and attention in the client-lawyer relationship must take precedence along with advice and defense. of the client, under the premise of solving other people’s problems that, out of personal and professional imperative, we tend to make our own.

We want to be your Lawyers

After more than fifteen years of experience, we have been growing, incorporating new professionals, new legal specialties adapted to modern times and new offices. From our main office in Madrid, located in the nerve centre of the capital, at Calle Capitán Haya 56, we have grown to cover the needs of our clients in the northwest of the community, with the office in Las Rozas, or in the south, with the recent opening of our headquarters in Móstoles. With this expansion policy we cover the main of our premises, to be your lawyers, wherever they are.

Professional Ethics

We firmly believe that the practice of the legal profession must be exercised from an ethical position and in that sense we are rigorous in the application of the deontological standards that regulate our profession.

Realism and Service

The client needs to assess the risks they face. . It is about informing the client of the position in which he finds himself, of the options that are presented to him and, based on the decision he makes, fighting to place him in the best possible situation.


At Vilches Abogados, we are lawyers, we are people who help other people defend themselves and receive advice. In this noble work, face to face contact, direct information and personal contact with the lawyer on whom the client has placed their trust can never be lost. trust.

Trust is the basis of the client-lawyer relationship , it is sacred and the most precious value for the lawyer, which is why we must maintain and fight for it by personalizing each case, each trust placed for the best possible purpose and objective.


The exercise of law cannot be understood only as a means of living or a mere mechanical task.

The lawyer has to carry out his work with commitment, enthusiasm and passion. Only in this way can results be obtained.

That is why we imbue the professionals who make up our firm with these values ​​and, together with them, we strive to achieve excellence and success for the client.