Name: Tirso Gracia
Firm Name: Galibier Legal
Country: Spain
Expertise: Labour & Employment Law

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Professional Biography:

Tirso Gracia is our exclusively recommended Labour & Employment Law expert in Spain on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Tirso directly using the contact details listed above.

He embarked on the professional practice of law in 1986. For 15 years, he was the Head of the Labour Department at the Garcés & López-Ibor law firm. Previously, he headed his own law firm and was the Head of the Human Resources Department at a company in the distribution industry.

His extensive career has led him to provide labour-related advice to a large number of companies belonging to sectors such as graphic arts, the media, leather goods, fashion, iron and steel, agri-food and chemicals. He has headed countless staff restructuring processes for major companies, providing them with advice on negotiating with works councils and unions.

Tirso Gracia regularly represents clients in mediation procedures, appearing before social courts and tribunals, as well as arbitral tribunals and joint commissions. In his practice, he leads negotiations for collective agreements for the leather goods industry in Madrid and Catalonia, as well as participates in government support schemes for the fashion, footwear, leather and leather goods industries.

He is currently the Chairman of the Leather Goods Manufacturers’ Guild of Catalonia and a member of the Social Council of the Autonomous University of Barcelona. In the field of education, he has been teaching Labour Relations at the School of Upper Management and Business Administration (EADA) as part of the Master’s in Human Resources Management and the Executive MBA programmes since 1995. He is also an expert in current legal issues and frequently appears as a guest on television and radio debates.

Tirso Gracia is recognised and recommended by prestigious international directories such as Chambers and Partners and Best Lawyers.

Firm Overview:

It aims to implement legal practices and differentiating values in organisations, in terms of a legal standpoint as well as human resources consultancy and training.

The name “Galibier Legal” embodies an adventure brimming with inspiration and magic, whose challenge is to reach the top and press on. The Galibier is the highest mountain pass on the Tour de France.

It is located at an elevation of 2,645 metres at the heart of the French Alps, and it is part of the queen stage of this amazing sporting event. It is known as one of the most gruelling mountain passes in the world, with a punishing ascent and a tough descent, without being the end of the stage. It is by no means the end of anything and is instead the beginning of many things.

Thus, our mission is to safeguard the interests of our clients, to provide them with sound legal advice on their professional and business journey, to overcome the difficulties along the way, and to reach the top of the Galibier together in order to press on.

We have observed that there are conflict hotspots in the workplace, and that action is usually taken to deal with them only after they have already occurred. Most of them have to do with the loss of focus on the goals. This is not due to a company’s lack of follow-up, but instead due to the employee gradually losing sight of the goals in their mind. We aim to help them always keep the goals uppermost using easy-to-remember examples and images that are difficult to forget in the human mind, using life lessons from cycling. With them, we anticipate organisational conflicts in order to avoid them.

Our firm provides the client with a global perspective, not only with regard to legal matters, but also as a complement in human resources thanks to our extensive experience inside and outside organisations.