Name: Stelios H. Grigoriou
Firm Name: Gregoriou Law
Country: Greece
Expertise: Dispute Resolution

Telephone: +30 210 8221411
Fax: +30 210 8820691

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Professional Biography:

Stelios Grigoriou is our exclusively recommended Dispute Resolution expert in Greece on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Stelios directly using the contact details listed above.

In a time of deep financial crisis, lawyers undertake an increasingly enhanced role acting as professionals in the service of public interest. Law firms have become the main tool for the protection of rights and freedoms of citizens, business financial interests, consumers’ free choice, employees’ rights, family life, the imperative of law and order and, in general, the peaceful living of humans in an organised society.

Stelios Gregoriou and Associates Law Firm has been a devoted advocate of the legal profession consistently since 1986, providing legal services of high standards to its respectable clientele, who have been honouring perpetually this valuable relationship with their trust and mandate.

Our code of values is founded on the respect of the universal ethics, the essential truth and fair justice.

Our only aim is to serve the needs and improve the life of our clients, amongst which are important companies and distinguished figures in their field of expertise, with no exception to everyday people with common and current needs.

Our activities are dictated, unreservedly, by the strict application of Law, the full respect and absolute implementation of the ethical rules and the Code of Ethics of the Lawyer, and guided by our duty and consciousness as justice advocates.

We are aware that due to the complexity of the current problems, in times of deep economic recession, dealing sufficiently with our clients legal cases requires more than mere legal science and experience. Deep understanding and knowledge of the specific industries and activities is necessary and this can be achieved only with the assistance of our cooperating experts. What is required is a comprehensive approach to problems with flexibility, creativity and, most importantly, cost effective management to our clients’ benefit.

We are entrusted by our clients with challenging cases, that provide us the unique opportunity to work with important, energetic, intelligent people, who are able to value the quality and the results of our legal work.

For all these reasons, it is our imperative duty to strive for excellence, seeking passionately to attain the best trial outcome and the optimal legal and business solution for our clients.