Name: Sonja Herrmann
Firm Name: Maître Sonja HERRMANN
Country: Guadeloupe
Expertise: Family Law

Telephone: +590 590 24 95 16
Fax: +590 590 83 74 09
Email: [email protected]

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Professional Biography:

Attorney at law in Guadeloupe with an extensive international career.

After working for several years for an international law firm in Nice, Ms. Sonja Herrmann chose to move to Guadeloupe in 2007, where she joined a legal firm in Jarry (Guadeloupe) before starting her own practice in Pointe A Pitre in 2013.

To maintain a healthy and productive attorney-client relationship, Ms. Herrmann handles each case with utmost professionalism. She will choose the most appropriate legal perspective and strategy and she will always provide you with the necessary legal explanation in a simple manner so as to allow you to understand and follow each step of your case. Creating an efficient dialogue with each client establishes reciprocal trust, an essential ingredient for the success of each case.

Ms. Herrmann handles different civil, penal and administrative cases pertaining not only to the Caribbean, and Guadeloupe but also to mainland France and with international ramifications. Ms. Herrmann speaks French, German, English and Italian fluently and will be able to assist you with your business in any of these languages.

Main Areas Of Expertise:

– Family Law (Divorce)
– Labor Law (Contracts, Breach of Contract)
– Real Estate Law (Bids, Litigation, Deeds)
– Accidents (Victims, Damages and Losses)
– Estates (Inheritance, Litigation)

Ms. Herrmann pleads before the Regional Court (“Tribunal de Grande Instance”) of Pointe-à-Pitre and all its dependent jurisdictions as well as the Court of Appeals of Basse-Terre and its dependent jurisdictions. She also serves as instructing counsel for different law firms in mainland France for whom she follows and pleads a variety of cases.