Name: Slawomir Ligecki
Firm Name: Consul Law Firm
Country: Poland
Expertise: Business Law

Telephone: +48 537 768 513
Fax: +48 957 270 231

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Professional Biography:

Slawomir Ligecki is our exclusively recommended Business Law expert in Poland on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Slawomir directly using the contact details listed above.

Advisory Excellence Digital Certificate of Excellence

The Polish lawyer who founded the law firm Consul Slawomir Ligecki offers legal services to many categories of business owners, including individuals and corporate entities. We will offer your business extensive legal support from Polish attorneys, whether it has been in business for a while or is still growing.

Our experts’ professional activity focuses on commercial law consulting, investments, collaboration with contractors, receivables recovery, negotiations, and courtroom representation. Anybody is welcome to work with Polish lawyers on any legal issues, regardless of the sector, scope, or amount of capital. We assist with and provide guidance on all legal requirements for starting a business, forming a corporation, or liquidating a firm successfully.

With Polish attorneys from our legal office, there will be law and order in your court cases, liabilities and receivables, paperwork, business contracts, and employee concerns. We give one-time assistance or ongoing collaboration as part of the comprehensive legal services offered by Polish lawyers.

With us, you may build your business, carry out your own projects, and make investments with confidence and a solid legal foundation. Are you certain that every contract is accurate, safeguards the business’ interests, and does not violate the rights of others? You may rely on our Polish lawyers’ expertise, in-depth knowledge, bravery, and meticulousness.

We suggest considering the present legal situation, the particulars of the business, the sector, and each entrepreneur’s personal objectives. Based on the requirements and resources of the client, we provide open guidelines for cooperation. Every Polish lawyer has an area of expertise and a passion for which he is reputable. We have 20 years of experience in the legal services industry. Our Polish lawyers are always learning new things and gaining new skills in order to better serve their clients.

A solid job and exceptional organisation on the legal and tax fronts are guaranteed by the Polish attorney from the law firm Consul Slawomir Ligecki.

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