Name: Siv Potayya
Firm Name: Wortels Lexus
Country: Mauritius
Expertise: Banking & Finance

Telephone: (230) 245 6400
Fax: (230) 245 6004
Email: [email protected]

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Professional Biography:

Siv Potayya is our exclusively recommended Banking & Finance expert in Mauritius on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Siv directly using the contact details above.

Siv graduated from the University of Aix-En-Provence and was admitted to the Mauritian Bar in 1991. He founded Wortels Lexus in June 2010 after 13 years with a previous partner. Siv has worked at the Mauritius Commercial Bank for 14 years and got to familiarize himself with Banking laws. The drafting of various documents pertaining to securities at the bank led him to the writing of several books, the most recent, published in 2008, being “Guide to Decisions of the Supreme Court of Mauritius affecting Banking (1861 – 2007)” with a foreword by the Chief Justice of Mauritius. The book entitled “Manuel de droit bancaire mauricien” recently launched by the MCB Ltd has largely made reference thereto.

Please find a list of Siv’s high profile cases below:

  • He appeared before the Court of Assises of Mauritius for Mr Paul Philibert where the latter who pleaded guilty to the charge of murder was inflicted the mandatory sentence of 45 years imprisonment. The case went on appeal, before the Supreme Court, where the constitutionality of the mandatory sentence was challenged and the appeal was allowed in view of the principles of separation of powers enshrined in the Mauritius Constitution.
  • He appeared, before the District Court of Port Louis, for Mr Clovis Azie, a political activist, who stood charged with the offence of Contempt of Assembly for having assaulted the then Minister of Environment & National Development Unit at the National Assembly. The Director of Public Prosecutions, after the Honourable Minister was lengthily cross-examined elected to enter a nolle prosequi in that matter.
  • He appeared, before the District Court of Souillac, for Mr Feng Chow who was charged with illegal betting under the Gaming Act. The validity of the arrest, search and detention of the accused was challenged and the motion for a stay of proceedings was upheld.
  • He appeared, before the Intermediate Court of Mauritius, where Mr Devanand Gopal a Bank Manager, along with a co accused, a bank’s client, was charged for aiding and abetting in the commission of a crime. Rs 16.5 million were embezzled to the detriment of the Union International Bank Limited and following which the bank had to close down. That case was dismissed.
  • He appeared, before the District Court of Curepipe, for taxi owners to whom the National Transport Authority has been granting Taxi Licences to non existing Taxi Stands.