Name: Simon Harrison
Firm Name: Ideas Afresh Ltd.
Country: UK - England
Expertise: Healthcare Management

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Professional Biography:

Simon Harrison is our exclusively recommended Healthcare Management expert in England on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Simon directly using the contact details listed above.

Simon is a Board-level Director with considerable multi-site experience who is committed, energetic, and experienced. outstanding interpersonal, communication, and networking abilities. extensive experience working in diverse and complex companies, with a track record of success in leadership and change management.

Ideal for Board-level Health and Social Care Advice.

Simon is an extremely capable director who welcomes novelty and new challenges. He is highly commercially savvy and concentrated on delivering outcomes while upholding high customer standards. He has a clinical background, is adaptive, and possesses a sizable change management portfolio, all of which provide value.

Simon is able to lead organisations through big change while interacting with the people needed to provide the continuous service and winning over hearts and minds. Successful businesses are fuelled by their people.

Through the execution of strategic, operational, and organisational change, Simon works with enterprises to ensure the effective, efficient, and economical delivery of services and to strengthen the management teams’ competencies.

Simon is aware of the difficulties that organisations are under and acknowledges that while the problems they are facing are not particularly original, the answers might be. Simon has a lot of experience working with corporate executives to build their capacities and produce results.