Name: Simbarashe P. Makahamadze
Firm Name: PalladiumIP™
Country: United Arab Emirates
Expertise: Intellectual Property Services

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Professional Biography:

Simbarashe Makahamadze is our exclusively recommended IP Services expert in the United Arab Emirates on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Simbarashe directly using the contact details listed above.

Over the years, we have recognised that most organisations face numerous problems in managing their own Intellectual Property, notwithstanding the lack of knowledge on the existence of intellectual property in some cases. IP is a prized strategic and financial asset for every organisation.

As with other resources, IP should be judiciously managed and the value be known. With inappropriate management, organisations may be unaware of their IP assets, the value or benefits, or may find themselves in unnecessary risks especially with IP owned by third parties.

As a result, we have developed a unique blend of IP services offering that covers the whole spectrum of Intellectual property, from creation to commercialisation. We offer a full range of intellectual property solutions an entrepreneur, senior executive, or small, medium or large business might require. We recognise the true value of your creativity and innovation and the need to secure the resultant IP assets. We are also driven by the need to guide our global clients in navigating the African IP landscape.