Name: Shailendr Ramsagur
Firm Name: Nolands Law Mauritius
Country: Mauritius
Expertise: Commercial Arbitration

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Professional Biography:

Shailendr Ramsagur is our exclusively recommended Commercial Arbitration expert in Mauritius on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Shailendr directly using the contact details listed above.

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Arbitration is a great substitute for court action in many commercial conflicts. It provides a speedy, confidential, less formal, economical method for the swift resolution of disputes. Compared to a court hearing, it gives the parties more control over the proceedings. For example, the parties may agree to conduct the arbitration with a limited period for the introduction of oral evidence, or even with no oral evidence at all. Arbitrations frequently take place without strictly adhering to the norms of evidence.

Firm Overview:

Nolands Law (Mauritius) Limited is an independent law firm with a multidisciplinary team capable of assisting you with and handling various legal, regulatory and tax issues related to your business. We also represent our local and international clients before the Mauritian courts and tribunals and arbitral institutions. We put our expertise in various legal areas at your service in order to find tailor-made solutions which would suit you best. Our experts are dedicated to being worthy of your trust and work in full transparency.

Nolands Law (Mauritius) Limited welcomes you in English and French and has a strong international network. We are affiliated with Management Companies for setting up Global Businesses, Accounting firm and Auditing firm as to cater for your accounting and auditing needs as well conveyancer for your property needs.

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