Name: Semaw Nigatu Aragaw
Firm Name: Semaw & Fekadu Law Office
Country: Ethiopia
Expertise: Mergers & Acquisitions Law

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Professional Biography:

Semaw Negatu, the Founder of Semaw and Fekadu Law Office, is a licensed Attorney and consultant before all Federal Courts. Semaw is a senior lawyer with more than 18 years of experience in the corporate and commercial law advice and complex litigation experience on a wide range of legal practices. Semaw has expertise in corporate and commercial law, mergers and acquisition, tax and real estate.

Firm Overview:

Founded in 2003 by Semaw Negatu, Semaw and Fekadu Law Office is one of the leading Law Office in Ethiopia advising and representing clients in complex transactions and litigations. Our full-service Law Office has been providing quality legal services by solving your legal problems expeditiously, based on trust, dedication, and fairness in terms of cost.

Semaw & Fekadu Law Office is a member of MULTILAW, a global network of best independent law firms with over 8500 lawyers in more than 100 countries around the world.

Our team of lawyers is licensed to practice at all levels of courts and arbitral tribunals bringing over 50 years of combined experience dealing with an array of Ethiopian corporate law matters including Investment and Corporate/Commercial law, Merger and Acquisition, Legal Audit/Due Diligence, Competition, Regulatory Compliance, Banking & Finance, Construction and Real estate, Tax and Customs, import and export, Nonprofit, Employment and Immigration, Energy and Mining, Intellectual Property, PPP and Public procurement, Infrastructure and Project Financing, Litigation and Dispute Resolution, Private Equity, Aviation, Private International Law matters, execution of Foreign Judgments and Arbitral Awards, Company Incorporation, Registration of overseas companies and commercial representatives, drafting contracts, preparation and execution of various contracts, as well as representation of companies with multiple government officials.

Semaw and Fekadu Law Office have advised various domestic and multinational corporations, international law firms and several clients from Turkey, Israel, Holland, UK , France, Italy, USA, Russia, Saudi Arabia, China, Germany, Korea and Egypt in a number of sectors ranging from agriculture, food and beverages, financial institution, manufacturing, mining, NGO’s, real estates, telecom, textile and steel.