Sean Kelleher PHOTO
Name: Sean Kelleher
Firm Name: Mondial Dubai LLC
Country: United Arab Emirates
Expertise: Financial Services

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Professional Biography:

Sean Kelleher is our exclusively recommended Financial Services expert in the United Arab Emirates on the Advisory Excellence website. If you need assistance in this area, please contact Sean directly using the contact details listed above.

From a youth spent collecting sporting injuries and a financial services profession starting as a Management Trainee with Midland Bank; Sean has evolved into a frustrated armchair sports fan and a keen observer of the financial services industry. As a Financial Adviser, Sean has been voted “Middle East Financial Adviser of the Year” on three occasions. Today, his main work revolves around IFA management. After helping put together a merger of 7 IFAs to form Financial Partners in 2002, Sean’s main professional activity now revolves around his job as CEO to Mondial (Dubai) LLC.

Firm Overview:

The Mondial Vision is “to build a World Class client driven financial planning and wealth management consultancy”. The reference to vision alludes to the Mondial belief that the financial services industry has some way to go in order to achieve the same client-driven status as other industries. The commercial target therefore is to be in-line with the best (or be the best) in respect of providing a client-driven service.

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